Type of communication: Oral
Submitted by:BUYENS, Boye

MPS: (1+1)-D QED

Boye Buyens, Karel Van Acoleyen

We consider the matrix product state formalism for the simulation of Hamiltonian lattice gauge 
theories. To this end, we define matrix product states which are manifestly gauge invariant. As an 
application, we study 1+1 dimensional one flavor quantum electrodynamics, also known as the massive 
Schwinger model. For the first time we simulate the full quantum non-equilibrium dynamics induced 
by a quench in the form of a uniform background electric field (i.e. the Schwinger pair creation 
mechanism). We are able to determine one-particle excitations in the continuum limit. Furthermore 
we study the effects of charge screening and confinement in the vacuum. (Reference: arxiv:1312.6654)