Type of communication: Poster
Submitted by:SAITO, Hana
DESY Zeuthen

Temperature dependence of the chiral condensate in the Schwinger model with Matrix Product States

H. Saito, M. C. Banuls, K. Cichy, I. Cirac, K. Jansen

We investigate chiral symmetry restoration in the 1-flavour Schwinger model. The Schwinger model is 
1+1 dimensional QED, having interesting aspects in common with quantum chromodynamics, namely 
confinement and chiral symmetry making it thus interesting from a point of view of particle 
physics. Also, chiral symmetry of this model is expected to be restored at high temperature. To 
investigate these properties, we employ the tensor network (TN) technique, focusing on Matrix 
Product States (MPS) to perform calculations in the discretized Schwinger model. We obtain the 
temperature dependence of the chiral condensate in infinite volume and in the continuum limit. 
Finally, we compare the result with analytic calculations by Sachs and Wipf.