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Adiabatic Tracking of Quantum Many-Body Dynamics

Hamed Saberi, Tomáš Opatrný, and Adolfo del Campo

The nonadiabatic dynamics of a many-body system driven through a quantum critical point can be 
controlled using counterdiabatic driving, where the formation of excitations is suppressed by 
assisting the dynamics with auxiliary multiple-body nonlocal interactions. We propose an 
alternative scheme which circumvents practical challenges to realize shortcuts to adiabaticity in 
mesoscopic systems by tailoring the functional form of the auxiliary counterdiabatic interactions. 
A driving scheme resorting on two-body short-range interactions is shown to generate an effectively 
adiabatic dynamics. The results promise feasible experimental protocols for an efficient control of 
the real-time dynamics of a wide variety of driven many-body systems in an experiment.