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Fault-Tolerant Quantum Technologies

2024, Aug 04 -- Aug 17

N. Breuckmann (University College London)
A. Quintavalle (University of Sheffield)
M. Vasmer (Perimeter Institute)
C. Vuillot (Inria Nancy)

The FTQT 2024 workshop will bring together researchers exploring different techniques for tackling noise in quantum computation, following up on the previous 2016 and 2020 editions of FTQT. The workshop's goal is to accelerate the development of new theoretical tools to improve the performance, efficiency and practicality of fault-tolerance protocols. The resulting theoretical work will help developers of quantum technology hardware to overcome challenges posed by decoherence.

Topics of discussion include:

- LDPC codes
- Dynamical codes
- Fault-tolerant logical gates
- Experimental implementations of fault-tolerant protocols

The two-week workshop will have a light talk schedule with a small number of speakers, allowing plenty of time for collaborations and informal discussions. The programme will include invited talks from

- Dolev Bluvstein (Harvard University)
- Ken Brown (Duke University)
- Andrew Doherty (University of Sydney)
- Steven Girvin (Yale University)
- Anirudh Krishna (Stanford University)
- Shruti Puri (Yale University)
- Narayanan Rengaswamy (University of Arizona)
- Barbara Terhal (TU Delft)
- Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zürich)

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