2002 - Pushing the limits of QCD - Talks

Monday 8

  • General Meeting
    11.00 h Seminar room
  • Ismail Zahed (Stony Brook)
    High-energy Scattering Trough QCD Sphalerons.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Tuesday 9

  • Silas Beane (Washington)
    Mq dependence of the nuclear force.
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Evgeny Epelbaum (Bochum)
    Chiral limit of nucleons physics.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Wednesday 10

  • Ubirajara Van Kolck (Arizona)
    Effective field theory for halo nuclei.
  • 12.30 h Seminar room
  • Daniel Phillips (Ohio)
    3 nucleons at low energies.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Thuesday 11

  • Andreas Nogga (Arizona)
    Few-nucleon systems in N^2Lo.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Friday 12

  • Joan Soto (Barcelona)
    Renormalization of the Lippmann-Schwinger equation for the one-pion exchange potential.
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Barry Holstein (Massachusetts)
    Preaching to the heathen: EFT and Quantum Gravity.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Monday 15

  • Johan Bijnens (Lund)
    Effective field theory for nonleptonic Kaon decay.
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Andre Hoang (Max Planck)
    Delocalized operator expansion.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Tuesday 16

  • Marteen Golterman (S. Francisco State U.)
    Nonleptonic Kaon decays from the lattice and Ch. PT.
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Gautam Rupak (Lawrence Berkeley Lab.)
    Order a effects in the Wilson lattice action.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Wednesday 17

  • Susan Gardner (U. Kentucky)
    Hunting direct CP violation in B meson decays
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Gail McLaughlin (North Carolina St. U.)
    Iron, nickle and gamma ray bursts.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Thursday 18

  • Joaquim Prades (U. Granada)
    Matching the electroweak penguins.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Friday 19

  • Iain Stewart (U. Washington)
    The soft collinear effective theory.
  • 12.30 h Seminar room
  • Thomas Mehen (Duke University)
    Soft collinear effective theory: Reparametrization invariance and Sudakov logarithms.
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Monday 22

  • Thomas Schäfer (Stony Brook)
    Effective theories at very high baryon density.
  • 12.30 h Seminar room
  • Andreas Wirzba (Juelich)
    In-medium chiral perturbation theory
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Tuesday 23

  • Jan Stern (Orsay)
    Chiral order and fluctuations in multiflavor QCD
    12.30 h Seminar room
  • Elisabetta Pallante (SISSA, Trieste)
    Kaon decays in finte volumes
  • 18.30 h Seminar room

    Wednesday 24

  • 12 h Seminar room
    Àngels Ramos (U. Barcelona)
    Baryon Resonances from a chiral unitary approach
    Eulogio Oset (U. València)
    Radiative decays of vector mesons and sigma nuclear photoproduction within a chiral unitary approach
  • 18.30 h Seminar room
    José Antonio Oller (U. Murcia)
    Nucleon-Nucleon interactions form EFT
    Antonio Pineda (U. Barcelona)
    Effective Field Theories from heavy quarkonium

    Thursday 25

  • Joan Fuster (CSIC, València )
    QCD highlights from LEP
    18.30 h Seminar room