N2D 2019

Sunday, January 13
  • 14:00h
  • Registration at Crowne Plaza Lobby (Note: Conference is at Guanghua Tower, not in the hotel)

    Monday, January 14
    • 07:55h
    • Welcome Lei Zhou (Fudan Univ., China)

    • Session M1. Chair: C.W. Wong
    • 08:00h
    • Topological and quantum nanophotonics with 2D materials
       Frank Koppens
    • 08:30h
    • Phonon polaritons in 2D materials
       Rainer Hillenbrand
    • 09:00h
    • Probing surface states on a 3D TI using nanoscale near-field tomography
       Fabian Mooshammer
    • 09:20h
    • Polariton anomalous Hall effect in TMD
       Chirolli Luca

    • Session M2. Chair: I. Aharonovich
    • 10:10h
    • Exciton-plasmon interactions in TMD materials
       Timur Shegai
    • 10:40h
    • Surface enhanced IR spectroscopy of molecules with graphene plasmons
       Qing Dai
    • 11:10h
    • Terahertz near-field nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy
       Mengkun Liu
    • 11:30h
    • Low temperature nano-imaging of polariton in correlated electrons quantum material
       Alexander McLeod

    • Session M3. Chair: Y. Huang
    • 13:30h
    • Room temperature monolayer semiconductors lasing from a planar microcavity
       Ting Yu
    • 14:00h
    • Tunable excitons and magnetic excitons in bilayer graphene
       Long Ju
    • 14:30h
    • Ultrafast solitons and soliton crystals in 2D hybrids
       Chee Wei Wong
    • 15:00h
    • High speed detection of THz radiation using photo-thermoelectric in graphene
       Sebastian Castilla

    • Session M4. Chair: T. Shegai
    • 16:30h
    • 2D metal chalcogenide semiconductor: design, synthesis, applications
       Jun He
    • 17:00h
    • Moire phonons in twisted bilayer MoS2
       Ping Heng Tan
    • 17:30h
    • Deeply subwavelength phonon polaritonic resonant nanostructures based on hBN
       Javier Alfaro
    • 17:50h
    • Probing optical anisotropy of nanometer vdW microcrystal by near field imaging
       De Bo Hu
    • 18:10h
    • All optical conductivity mapping in graphene through SNOM in mid-IR to THz
       Nicolai Hartmann (Neaspec)

      Tuesday, January 15

      • Session T1. Chair: F. Koppens
      • 08:00h
      • Active nanophotonics in graphene and black phosphorus
         Harry Atwater
      • 08:30h
      • Applications of 2D materials for optoelectronic devices
         Yidong Huang
      • 09:00h
      • Defect and interface engineering of 2D optoelectronic materials
         Zhenhua Ni
      • 09:20h
      • Reconfigurable 2D polariton optics using phase change materials
         Michele Tamagnone

      • Session T2. Chair: A. Grigorenko
      • 10:10h
      • Photonics and optoelectronics device applications based on 2D
         Qiaoliang Bao
      • 10:40h
      • Observation of ultrahigh mobility surface states in TI by IR spectroscopy
         Zhiqiang Li
      • 11:00h
      • Strain tuning anisotropic optoelectronic properties of transition metal trichalcogenides
         Gullen Silva

      • Session T3. Chair: Q. Bao
      • 13:30h
      • 2D materials for light modulation and biosensing
         Alexander Grigorenko
      • 14:00h
      • Exciton polariton in 2D TMD
         Vinod Menon
      • 14:30h
      • Light matter interactions in low dimensional materials
         Junpeng Lu
      • 14:50h
      • Efficient excitation of TE-polarized surface waves in graphene
         Tetiana Slipchenko

      • 15:10h
      • Panel “High Impact Publishing on 2D” + coffee break
        Moderator: T. Low
         Maria Maragkou, Silvia Milana (Nature Publishing)
        Harry Atwater (ACS Photonics)
        Guanqun Song (Nanoscale)

      • Session T4. Chair: R. Hillenbrand
      • 16:30h
      • Quantum nanophotonics with hBN
         Igor Aharonovich
      • 17:00h
      • THz amplifier based on negative dynamic conductivity in pumped graphene
         Lan Wang
      • 17:20h
      • Graphene for electrical and optical driven THz modulator
         Qiye Wen
      • 17:40h
      • Quality heterostructure devices from 2D crystals unstable in air
         Yang Cao

        Wednesday, January 16

        • Session W1. Chair:Zhiqiang Li
        • 08:00h
        • Controlling valley degree of freedom in exciton and biexciton in 2D semiconductor
           Ziliang Ye
        • 08:30h
        • Moire excitons
           Wang Yao
        • 09:00h
        • Electrical excitation of exciton polaritons in WS2
           Jie Gu
        • 09:20h
        • Large enhancement of WS2 PL in 2D perovskites-TMD heterostructures
           Arky Qin Yang

        • Session W2. Chair: V. Menon
        • 10:10h
        • TMD based electro-optic modulator and photodetector on a silicon microring cavity
           Volker Sorger
        • 10:30h
        • Optical probing of two-dimensional layered materials and their heterostructures
           Chunxiao Cong
        • 10:50h
        • Enhanced valley polarized emission from 2D semiconductor nanoantennas
           Alberto Curto
        • 11:10h
        • Berry curvature induced nonlinear response in 2D materials
           Jhih-Shih You

        • Session W3. Chair: V. Volkov
        • 13:30h
        • Theory on graphene plasmons
           Michael Fogler
        • 14:00h
        • Semimetal based high performance long wave photodetection
           Dong Sun
        • 14:20h
        • Energy loss analysis of relativistic interactions of fast charged particles in 2D materials
           Kamran Akbari

        • Session W4. Chair: P. Alonso
        • 16:00h
        • Optoelectronics devices based on 2D layered materials
           Jianbin Xu
        • 16:30h
        • Optical conductivity of 2D silicon
           Carlo Grazianetti
        • 16:50h
        • Ultrathin metal-graphene hybrid structures
           Valentyn Volkov
        • 17:10h
        • Nanophotonics in Atomically-thin Photovoltaics:Engineering Absorption, Collection, and Recombination
           Joeson Wong
        • at Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Hotel (Address: No.188 Wudong Road)

          Thursday, January 17

          • Session Th1. Chair: J. Caldwell
          • 08:20h
          • Room temperature valley contrasts in vdW heterostructures and optical near field
             Cyriaque Genet
          • 08:50h
          • Nonlinear optical response of massless Dirac fermions in graphene
             Di Huang
          • 09:10h
          • Controlling light matter interactions with graphene plasmons
             Xiao Lin
          • 09:30h
          • Layer and strain tunable electronic structures of few layer black phosphorus
             Guowei Zhang

          • Session Th2. Chair: Chunxiao Cong
          • 10:20h
          • Carrier screening effects on the exciton valley relaxation in monolayer TMD
             Yuhei Miyauchi
          • 10:50h
          • Controlling light with nanoscale precision in 2D materials
             Joshua Caldwell
          • 11:20h
          • Hybrid coupling enhanced PL of monolayer MoS2 on plasmonic nanostructures
             Hao Jing
          • 11:40h
          • In-plane anisotropic and ultralow loss polaritons in a natural vdW crystal
             Pablo Alonso Gonzalez