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Encuentros Relativistas Españoles 2013

2013, Sep 08 -- Sep 13

R. Emparan (ICREA & U. Barcelona)
J. Garriga (U. Barcelona)
J. Llosa (U. Barcelona)
O. Pujolas (UAB - IFAE)
C. Sopuerta (IEEC)
E. Verdaguer (U. Barcelona)

Monday, September 09
  • 08:45h
  • Registration
  • 09:30h
  • News from cosmology and their implications
     Licia Verde
  • 11:00h
  • Cosmic String Loops
     José Juan Blanco Pillado
  • 12:00h
  • Lorentz violation in gravity: why, how and where
     Diego Blas

  • Parallel sessions (15:00 -18:15)
  • 15:00h
  • Large D gravity
     Kenaro Tanabe
      Quantum correlations across the de Sitter horizon
     Ana Alonso-­Serrano
  • 15:25h
  • Cosmological perturbations in teleparallel loop quantum cosmology
     Jaume de Haro
      Anthropic states in the multi-­sphere Einstein-­Maxwell Landscape
     César Asensio
  • 15:50h
  • Spherical symmetry as a test case for unconstrained hyperboloidal evolution
     Alex Vano-­Vinuales
      Loop corrections in inflation
     Markus Fröb
  • 16:15h
  • A rigorous approach to Hartle's model for rotating stars in General Relativity.
     Borja Reina
      Inflation and deformation of conformal field theory
     Yuko Urakawa
  • 17:00h
  • Models and dynamics of fast rotating neutron stars
     Daniela Doneva
      Cosmology in extended electromagnetism: numerical results.
     Roberto Dale
  • 17:25h
  • Relativistic Bondi Accretion in Cosmological Spacetimes
     Patryk Mach
      On Non-­commutative Corrections of Gravitational Energy
     Ronni Amorim
  • 17:50h
  • Particle creation in LQC: the echo of the quantum bounce
     Mercedes Martin-­Benito

    Tuesday, September 10
    • 09:30h
    • Semblance of J. Alberto Lobo
       Carlos Sopuerta
    • 09:45h
    • The gravitational universe
       Karsten Danzmann
    • 11:00h
    • Digging for Gravitational Waves
       Bernard Schutz
    • 12:00h
    • Towards gravitational wave astronomy with ground-­based detectors
       Alicia Sintes

    • Parallel sessions (15:00-18:15)
    • 15:00h
    • 3.5 PN spin-­orbit effects in the phasing of inspiralling compact binaries.
       Alejandro Bohe
        Stationary Lifshitz black holes of R2-­corrected gravity theory
       Bahtiyar Sarioglu
    • 15:25h
    • Using pulsars to locate objects inside the solar system
       Diego Sáez
        Tensorial perturbations and stability of spherically symmetric d-­dimensional black holes in string theory
       Filipe Moura
    • 15:50h
    • Imprint of exotic matter on the polar quasi-­normal modes of realistic neutron stars
       Jose Luis Blázquez-­Salcedo
        Properties of Scalar Field Dark Matter halos
       Victor Robles
    • 16:15h
    • Shadows of rotating black holes
       Ernesto Eiroa
        An extension of the Goldberg-­Sachs theorem in five and higher dimensions
       Marcello Ortaggio
    • 17:00h
    • Keplerian rotation curves vs central mass in accretion disk systems.
       Michał Piróg
        Complete classification of five-dimensional type D Einstein spacetimes
       Lode Wylleman
    • 17:25h
    • Phenomenological modeling of gravitational waves from spinning black hole binaries
       Sascha Husa
        Antiscalar Dark Energy
       Eduard Mychelkin
    • 17:50h
    • General relativistic simulations of non-­axisymmetric instabilities in self-­gravitating accretion disks around black holes.
       Vassilios Mewes
        Two States of the Neutrino Background
       Eduard Mychelkin

      Wednesday, September 11
      • 09:30h
      • Emergent electromagnetism: some lessons in the path towards an emergent theory of gravity
         Carlos Barceló
      • 11:00h
      • Shock wave collisions in D-dimensions
         Carlos Herdeiro
      • 12:00h
      • The role of black-­hole simulations in fundamental physics
         Ulrich Sperhake
      • 18:00h
      • SEGRE Public Lecture "Cosmología: la fascinación por el origen y evolución del Universo"
         Diego Blas

        Thursday, September 12
        • 09:30h
        • Black holes as quantum systems
           César Gómez
        • 11:00h
        • The infalling observer and the black hole information paradox in AdS/CFT
           Kyriakos Papadodimas
        • 12:00h
        • Thermalization, quasinormal modes and superradiance in the Kerr-AdS black hole
           Óscar Dias

        • Parallel sessions (15:00-18:15)
        • 15:00h
        • A Young-­Laplace law for black hole horizons
           Jose-­Luis Jaramillo
            Introduction to modified gravity cosmology
           Sergey Odintsov
        • 15:25h
        • Stability of the creativeness of Schwarzschild metric
           Ramon Lapiedra
            Black holes in scalar-­tensor gravity
           Valerio Faraoni
        • 15:50h
        • Killing vector analysis in GHP formalism of conformally flat pure radiation metrics with negative cosmological constant
           Michael Bradley
            Unimodular Cosmological Spacetimes
           Mario Herrero-Valea
        • 16:15h
        • On the relation between the Jacobi-­Ricci-­Bianchi system and the Einstein field equations
           Norbert Van den Bergh
            Charged scalar field configurations around charged black holes
           Juan Carlos Degollado
        • 17:00h
        • Energy Spectrum of Quasinormal Modes of the Schwarzschild Black Hole
           Sérgio Ulhoa
            Breakdown of quantum relational dynamics in a nonintegrable cosmological model
           Philipp Höhn
        • 17:25h
        • A modified gravity from metric quantum fluctuations
           Vladimir Dzhunushaliev
            Deformations of Cosmological Solutions of D=11 Supergravity
           Nihat Sadik Deger
        • 17:50h
        • Connection between horizons and algebraic types II
           Otakar Svitek

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