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JEELS 2016

10ème édition des Journées de l'EELS

Tarragona (Spain)

2016, Jun 28 -- Jun 30

R. Arenal (LMA - INA)
S. Estrade (U. Barcelona)

Tuesday, June 28
  • 1st session: Low losses: optoelectronics, photonics and further information extracted from this region (vibrational properties, charge transfer...).
  • 16:30h
  • Welcome
  • 16:50h
  • Quantum Plasmonics With Electron Beams
     J. García de Abajo
  • 17:30h
  • Exciton band-structure in layered and 2D systems
     F. Sottile
  • 17:50h
  • Exciton Band Structure in Two-Dimensional Materials
     P. L. Cudazzo
  • 18:40h
  • Lifetime measurement in the STEM
     M. Kociak
  • 19:20h
  • STEM-EELS mapping of plasmonic excitations in nanophotonic heterostructures
     Duncan T.L. Alexander
  • 19:40h
  • Low-loss STEM-EELS analysis of beam-sensitive lithium-ion negative electrodes
     M. Boniface

    Wednesday, June 29
    • 2ndsession: Combination of EELS with other TEM techniques, i.e: EELS/Cathodoluminesce, EELS/EDS, tomo-EELS...
      3rd session: Applications: EFTEM and (S)TEM-EELS studies in any kind of (bio-nano)materials.

    • 09:00h
    • Spectral Electron Tomography: From Qualitative to Quantitative
       S. Bals
    • 09:40h
    • EELS tomography: recovering the spectrum volume from MVA methods
       P. Torruella
    • 10:00h
    • Tomography of particle plasmon fields by electron energy-loss spectroscopy
       G. Haberfehlner
    • 10:20h
    • Combined STEM-EELS and STEM-CL analysis of plasmonic coupling between chemically grown silver nanocubes
       H. Lourenço-Martins
    • 10:40h
    • Enhancement of EELS quantification by means of precession electron diffraction
       S. Plana
    • 11:30h
    • Analytical scanning transmission electron microscopy at atomic resolution
       F. Hofer
    • 12:10h
    • Probing the behavior of single atoms, molecules and 2D layers using electron energy loss spectroscopy with low energy (30 keV and 60 keV) electrons
       L. H. G. TIzei
    • 12:30h
    • DFT simulations of α-Bi2O3 and β-Bi2O3 EEL spectra
       C. Coll
    • 12:50h
    • Calcium Cobalt Oxide: The First Oxide-Based Misfit Nanotube
       L. Lajaunie

    • 4th session: Fabricants
    • 15:00h
    • JEOL
    • 15:25h
    • FEI
    • 16:15h

    • GATAN
    • 16:40h

      Thursday, June 30
      • 5th session: Applications: EFTEM and (S)TEM-EELS studies in any kind of (bio- nano)materials.
        6th session: Core losses: beyond the elemental maps - quantification, atomic configuration.
      • 09:00h
      • Nanoanalysis of nanomaterials with Applications in Environmental Catalysis
         S. Trasobares
      • 09:40h
      • Experimental evidence of the origin of nanophase separation in colossal magnetoresistant manganites by STEM-EELS
         R. Cortés-Gil
      • 10:00h
      • Characterization of calcifications in human kidney by EELS and Multivariate statistical analysis.
         M. de Frutos
      • 10:20h
      • Spatially-resolved EELS Studies on Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
         R. Arenal
      • 11:10h
      • From Elemental To Orbital Mapping Using Electron Energy-Loss Near-Edge Structure At Atomic Resolution
         M. bugnet
      • 11:50h
      • Chemical Disorder In The Uniaxial Relaxor Sr0.67ba0.33nb2o6 (SBN-67)
         L. Lopez-Conesa
      • 12:10h
      • Strain-Driven Oxygen Deficiency in Multiferroic SrMnO3 Thin Films
         M. D. Rossell
      • 12:30h
      • Charge, strain and polarization profiling in Ferroelectric/Ferromagnetic epitaxial heterostructures
         X. Li
      • 12:50h
      • Retrieving the structure and chemical composition of metal oxide core/shell nanoparticles
         A. Ruiz-Caridad

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