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Benasque is a little village of 1400 inhabitants located at the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees. During winter the slopes of Cerler (4 km from Benasque) transforms the valley of Benasque into a ski resort. The village preserves buildings from the gothic period (Palacio de Ribagorza, XIV century) and a charming atmosphere. During summer Benasque turns into a crowded vacation spot. Visitors can choose among a large number of hikes and sports.

The valley of Benasque (Benás) still preserves an old language called Patués, full of reminiscence from Spanish, Catalan and French.

Some links to obtain further information: Benasque, Pirineos, Ribagorza, Natural Park Posset-Maladeta



The Aneto is the highest peak in the sp.Pyrinees. The hike takes 6h one way. We recommend that you hire a professional (they usually take 5 people for each guide at a price of around 50€ per person). It is necessary to carry crampons and an ax (just for safety but not likely to be used) to cross the Aneto glacier. You can rent them for 10 €/person from the shop Barrabés. The only difficulty of the peak is concentrated in the last 40m at the Paso de Mahoma (very narrow pass). The hike is lengthy, get in shape! Map Route


Valle de Benasque y Eriste

La Besurta

Valle de Vallibierna

Valle de Estós

More routes around Benasque


Ski resort: Cerler Aramon

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