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Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual

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Attosecond and Ultrafast Physics III

2012, Mar 06 -- Mar 08

J. Biegert (ICFO), A. Thai (ICFO), J. Dura (ICFO)

Tuesday, March 06
  • 18:30h
  • Intro-General remarks
     Prof. Jens Biegert
  • 19:15h
  • Time resolved measurements of magnetic systems with harmonics
     Stephan Teichmann
  • 19:45h
  • Water window high harmonics
     Dr. Dane Austin

    Wednesday, March 07
    • 08:30h
    • Cryo Ti:Sapphire
       Seth Cousin
    • 09:15h
    • Intense sub-10 fs pulses at UVA and VIS
       Alexander Grün
    • 09:45h
    • Temporal characterization of bulk harmonics
       Matthias Baudish
    • 18:30h
    • High average power OPCPA - outlook
       Alexandre Thai
    • 19:15h
    • Kinematically complete ionization dynamics: status and future experiments
       Dr. Judith Dura
    • 19:45h
    • Non-monotonous dependence of ionization and excitation probabilities with laser intensity
       Alexander Britz

      Thursday, March 08
      • 08:30h
      • High energy OPA
         Françisco Silva
      • 09:15h
      • High energy mid-IR OPCPA
         Dr. Michaël Hemmer
      • 09:45h
      • Petawatt Ti:Sapphire
         Dr. Olivier Chalus

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