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IV Workshop on Fermions and Extended Objects on the Lattice

2013, Jun 16 -- Jun 22

V. Azcoiti (U. Zaragoza)
G. Di Carlo (INFN - LNGS)
D. Espriu (U. Barcelona)
E. Follana (U. Zaragoza)

Monday, June 17
  • 09:00h
  • Welcome
     Vicente Azcoiti
  • 09:15h
  • Recent results on large N gauge theories on the lattice
     Antonio Gonzalez-Arroyo
  • 10:15h
  • Dirac spectrum and Anderson transition
     Matteo Giordano
  • 11:45h
  • A possible new phase in gauge-fixed Yang-Mills theory
     Maarten Golterman
  • 15:30h
  • Lattice field theory with dual variables
     Christof Gattringer
  • 16:30h
  • Efficient computation of disconnected diagrams from the QUDA library
     Alejandro Vaquero

    Tuesday, June 18
    • 09:00h
    • What happens to bottomonium in the QGP?
       Gert Aarts
    • 10:00h
    • The ising model: the point of view of a pedestrian
       Gaetano Salina
    • 11:30h
    • The QCD phase diagram from the method of analytic continuation
       Alessandro Papa
    • 15:30h
    • Progress in Complex Langevin Simulations
       Ion Stamatescu
    • 16:15h
    • Simulating full QCD at nonzero density using The Complex Langevin Equation
       Denes Sexty
    • 17:00h
    • 2D and 3D Antiferromagnetic Ising Model whit "topological" term at theta=pi
       Gennaro Cortese

      Wednesday, June 19
      • 09:00h
      • Phases of many flavor QCD : lattice results
         Maria Paola Lombardo
      • 10:00h
      • Lattice Investigations of the Hosotani Mechanism
         James Hetrick
      • 11:30h
      • Dicretization Phase Transitions and Wilson Dirac Spectra
         Jacobus Verbaarschot

        Thursday, June 20
        • 09:00h
        • b-> s transitions and Lattice QCD
           Federico Mescia
        • 10:00h
        • The Pierre Auger Observatory and the search of the origin of Ultra High Energies Cosmic Rays
           Aurelio Grillo
        • 11:30h
        • Determination of Low-Energy Constants of Wilson Chiral Perturbation Theory
           Gregorio Herdoiza
        • 15:30h
        • The FLAG collaboration: Flavour Physics on the Lattice and World Averages
           Anastassios Vladikas
        • 16:30h
        • Physics outlook and future prospects for high energy physics after the discovery of the new boson H(125)
           Juan Fuster

          Friday, June 21
          • 09:00h
          • 2D Abelian and non-Abelian gauge magnets, the Lattice Gauge Theories for Tensor Networks and Quantum Simulators
             Luca Tagliacozzo
          • 10:00h
          • The nilpotency expansion in many-body and relativistic field theories
             Fabrizio Palumbo
          • 11:30h
          • Graphene conductivity: interacting fermions on 2D hexagonal lattice
             Mikhail Polikarpov
          • 15:30h
          • Non-perturbative O(a) improvement of lattice QCD with Wilson quarks revisited
             Stefan Sint
          • 16:30h
          • Flavor Physics after the Higgs Discovery
             Guido Martinelli

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