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2017, May 07 -- May 20

L. Amico (U. Catania-CNR & CQT-NUS)
G. Birkl (TU Darmstadt)
M. Boshier (Los Alamos)
L.-C. Kwek (CQT-NUS)
C. Miniatura (CNRS-MajuLab & Centre for quantum technologies)
A. Minguzzi (U. Grenoble-Alpes & CNRS Grenoble)

Download pdf version of the program (first week) here.

Download pdf version of the program (second week) here.

Download abstract book here.

Monday, May 08
  • 08:30h
  • Registration
  • 09:30h
  • Opening Remarks
  • 09:45h
  • Novel approaches to ATOMTRONIC devices in optical potentials
     G. Birkl
  • 11:15h
  • Superfluidity and Rotation of a Superfluid Spin-Orbit Coupled BEC
     S. Stringari
  • 15:00h
  • Induced density correlations in a sonic black hole condensate
     C. Clark

    Tuesday, May 09
    • 09:00h
    • Phase relaxation in a superfluid atomic ring
       J. Beugnon
    • 10:30h
    • From matter wave tunneling to quantum phase transition
       D. Guery-Odelin
    • 15:00h
    • Probing topology by ''heating''
       N. Goldman
    • 16:30h
    • Poster session

      Wednesday, May 10
      • 09:00h
      • Observing and controlling quantum transport of cold atoms in mesoscopic structures
         J.P. Brantut
      • 10:30h
      • Multiterminal Josephson junctions
         D. Feinberg
      • 15:00h
      • Connecting phase slips and dissipation in atomic Josephson junctions
         A. Burchianti
      • 16:30h
      • A versatile SLM-enabled atomtronic device for quantum simulation in 2D
         T. Haase

        Thursday, May 11
        • 09:00h
        • Technical optics with matter waves
           R. Walser
        • 10:30h
        • Shortcuts to adiabaticity: tailoring quantum matter far away from equilibrium
           A. Del Campo
        • 15:00h
        • Nanoscale 'dark state' optical potentials for cold atoms
           M. Baranov
        • 16:30h
        • Open discussion
        • Atomtronics presentation by Charles Clark

          Friday, May 12
          • 09:00h
          • Towards Pairing Quantum Circuits with Atoms
             R. Dumke
          • 10:30h
          • Matter wave interferometers on atom chips: from decoherence to gravity and back
             R. Folman
          • 15:00h
          • Tuning the Drude Weight of Dirac-Weyl Fermions in One-Dimensional Ring Traps
             M. Rizzi
          • 16:30:17:00h
          • Novel atomchip technologies with superconductors
             F. Diorico

            Monday, May 15
            • 09:00h
            • Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems
               N. Andrei
            • 10:30h
            • Non-Equilibrium Techniques for Atomtronic Modelling
               N. Proukakis
            • 15:00h
            • Superfluidity of the two-dimensional Bose gas
               H. Perrin
            • 16:30h
            • Poster session

              Tuesday, May 16
              • 09:00h
              • Interfacing Ultra-cold atoms and superconducting circuits
                 J. Fortagh
              • 10:30h
              • Ultracold atoms carrying orbital angular momentum in sided coupled cylindrically symmetric potentials
                 V. Ahufinger
              • 11:15h
              • Quantum dynamics of bosons in a two-ring ladder: quantum dynanics, vortex-like excitations and currents
                 Andrea Richaud
              • 15:00h
              • Synthetic topology and manybody physics in synthetic lattices
                 A. Celi
              • 16:30h
              • Introduction to Kondo physics and open problems
                 Natan Andrei

                Wednesday, May 17
                • 09:00h
                • The Power of RF
                   T. Fernholz
                • 10:30h
                • Atomtronic Rotational Sensing with Bose Einstein Condensates
                   S. Gardiner
                • 15:00h
                • Grating chips for quantum technologies and Talbot-enhanced imaging of condensates
                   A. Arnold
                • 16:30h
                • Quantum Turbulence in Atomtronic Systems
                   M. Edwards

                  Thursday, May 18
                  • 09:00h
                  • Coherent Waveguides, Neutral Atom Accelerators and Clocks
                     W. von Klitzing
                  • 10:30h
                  • Dressed adiabatic potentials for cold atom wave-guides, shells and lattices
                     B. Garraway
                  • 15:00h
                  • A dc Atom SQUID
                     Malcolm Boshier
                  • 15:30h
                  • Aharonov-Bohm effect in mesoscopic Bose-Einstein condensates
                     T. Haug

                    Friday, May 19
                    • 09:00h
                    • Photon-atom interaction in hollow fibers
                       L.-C. Kwek
                    • 09:30h
                    • Superradiance and self-organization of cold atoms in optical cavities
                       S. Safaei
                    • 10:45h
                    • Momentum signatures of the 3D Anderson metal-insulator transition
                       C. Miniatura
                    • 14:00h
                    • End of workshop

                      Saturday, May 20

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