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V Cajal Winter Conference

2009, Mar 08 -- Mar 12

Sociedad Española de Neurociencia

Monday, March 09
  • 15:15h
  • Welcome address
     F. Artigas
  • 15:30h
  • Transcriptional control of neural differentiation from strem cells: a novel etiology of autism
     Stuart A. Lipton
  • 16:30h
  • Plenary lecture. Wiring newborn neurons with mature brain circuits
     Pierre - Marie Lledo
  • 18:00h
  • Oral communications.
     Chair: F. Viana
      Roles of FGF2 and Anosmin-1 in the migration and proliferation of SVZ neuroblasts during pre-and posnatal development
     D. García González, M. Coelho, D.Clemente, PF Esteban, N. Soussi-Yanicostas, F. de Castro
  • 18:30h
  • Self-renewal and differentation of neurosensory progenitors of the ear: convergence of instrinsic and extrinsic signalling pathways
     J. Neves, A. Kamaid, C. Parada, M. Chamizo, F. Giraldez
  • 19:00h
  • Adult stem cell therapy: dream or reality?
     S. Martinez, M. Balaguer, JM Moraleda
  • 19:30h
  • Poster session

    Tuesday, March 10
    • 15:30h
    • Oral communications.
       Chair: R. Gallego
        Mnb/Dyrk1A is a multiple regulator of the transition from neural proliferation to neural differentiation in CNS development
       B. Hammerle, J. Colonques, J. Ceron, G. Bieri, E. Ulin, FJ. Tejedor
    • 16:00h
    • Sustained axonglial signalling induces Schwann cell hyperproliferation, Remak bundle myelination and tumorigenesis
       JA. Gomez Sanchez, M. Lopez de Armentia, R. Lujan, N. Kessaris, WD. Richardson, H. Cabedo
    • 16:30h
    • Fgf8 signal regulates the development of the habenular region in the dorsal diencephalon of mammals
       A. Martinez-Ferre, S. Martinez
    • 17:00h
    • Plenary lecture. "Noise" and information propagation in sensory cognitive networks
       Yves Frégnac
    • 18:30h
    • Oral communications.
       Chair: S. Martínez
        Directional guidance and nucleokinesis in migrating cortical interneurons
       F. Martini, M. Valdemolmillos
    • 19:00h
    • Sonic Hedgehog regulates the proliferation of cerebellar granular neuronal precursors through a peri-ciliar depletion of PKA activity
       M. Barzi Dieguez, J. Berenguer de Felipe, S. Pons
    • 19:30h
    • Poster session

      Wednesday, March 11
      • 16:00h
      • Oral communications.
         Chair: R. Trullás
          Metabolic magnetic resonance studies in the hippocampus of hypothyroid rats:effect of thyroid hormone replacement treatment
         I. Fernández del Amo, J. Pacheco-Torres, A. Montero-Pedrazuela, D. Bosch-García, P. López-Larrubia, A. Guardado-Ferraz
      • 16:30h
      • Regulation of brian MCP-1 by noradrenaline and glucocorticoids
         JLM. Madrigal, B. García-Bueno, BG. Pérez-Nievas, I. Gárate, S. Zoppi, JC. Leza
      • 17:00h
      • Characterization of the hippocampal microcircuit in a mouse model of panic disorder
         D. D'Amico, O. Spadoni, M. Santos, M. Dierssen
      • 17:30h
      • Round table
         Functional relevance of neurogenesis and therapy in the adult CNS
      • 19:00h
      • Oral communications.
         Chair: A. Guadaño-Ferraz
          Bone morphogenetic PROTEIN-6 promotes cerebellar granule neurons suvival by activations of the MEK/CREB pathway
         B. Barneda-Zahonero, A. Miñano, N. Badiola, R. Fadó, CA. Saura, J. Rodríguez-Alvarez
      • 19:30h
      • Lipid raft segregation modulates TRPM8 channel activity
         C. Morenilla-Palao, M. Pertusa, V. Meseguer, H. Cabedo, F. Viana
      • 20:00h
      • Poster session and closing

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