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Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics

2009, Aug 23 -- Sep 04

G. Buttazzo (U. Pisa)
E. Zuazua (BCAM)

Monday, August 24
  • 09:45h
  • Data assimilation for a large scale ocean circulation model
     J. P. Puel
  • 10:30h
  • Local solvability beyond condition \Psi
     F. Colombini
  • 11:45h
  • open session on "Carleman inequalities"
     chaired by S. Guerrero and L. Baudouin
  • 16:00h
  • Null-controllability and stabilization of fluid-solid structure models
     J. P. Raymond
  • 17:15h
  • Anisotropic total variation, Cheeger sets and applications
     V. Caselles

    Tuesday, August 25
    • 09:30h
    • Shape analysis of eigenvalues
       D. Bucur
    • 10:15h
    • Flux identification problems for conservation laws. A numerical approach
       C. Castro
    • 11:00h
    • Optimal 1-rectifiable transports
       G. Bouchitté
    • 12:15h
    • open session on "Homogenization problems"
       chaired by M.S. Gelli and R. Mahadevan
    • Optimal Control in Coefficients for Degenerate Elliptic Equations
        Homogenization of 3D-dielectric photonic crystals and artificial magnetism.
       G.Bouchitté, C.Bourel and D.Felbacq.
        Asymptotic Analysis and Optimization in Metamaterials: Heterogeneous Layers
       G.Leugering, E. Rohan and F. Seifrt.

    • 16:00h
    • Well balanced hybrid schemes for shallow water flows
       R. Donat
    • 17:15h
    • open session on "Stabilization of waves"
       chaired by F. Alabau-Boussouira and G. Perla
    • Uniform stabilization of Anisotropic Maxwell's equations with boundary dissipation.
       C.R. da Luz, G.P. Menzala.
        Stabilization of Gas Flow by Compressors.
       M. Gugat.

      Wednesday, August 26
      • 09:30h
      • Some shape optimization problems with a polygonal solution
         A. Henrot
      • 10:15h
      • Looking for a mathematical model of electroporation
         O. Kavian
      • 11:00h
      • Overlapping domain problems in the crack theory
         A. Khludnev
      • 12:15h
      • open session on "Semigroups and evolution equations"
         chaired by F. Dickstein and R. Joly
      • An evolution method for image registration.
         R. Acar and J.L. Calderón.

      • 16:00h
      • The controllability of transport equations in singular limit
         O. Glass
      • 17:15h
      • open session on "Control problems for PDE"
         chaired by S. Micu and M. Gugat
      • Exact boundary controllability for 1-D quasilinear hyperbolic systems with a vanishing characteristic speed.
         J-M.Coron, O.Glass, Z.Wang.

        Thursday, August 27
        • 09:30h
        • Blowup in multidimensional aggregation equations
           J. Carrillo
        • 10:15h
        • The sharp Hardy uncertainty principle for Schrödinger evolutions
           L. Escauriaza
        • 11:00h
        • PDE-constraint optimization: from functionality to robust design
           G. Leugering
        • 12:15h
        • open session on "Spectral theory of non-Hermitian operators"
           chaired by D. Krejcirik and P. Siegl
        • PT -symmetry versus pseudo-Hermiticity
           P. Siegl.

        • 16:00h
        • Smoothness of the motion of a rigid body immersed in an incompressible perfect fluid
           T. Takahashi
        • 17:15h
        • open session on "Topological derivative and shape optimization"
           chaired by S. Amstutz, A. Laurain, A. Novotny
        • Topology and Shape Optimization for Smart Materials.
           G. Leugering, A. Novotny, G. Perla-Menzala and J. Sokolowski.
            An Extremal Eigenvalue Problem for a Two-Phase Conductor in a Ball
           C.Conca, R.Mahadevan and León Sanz.
            Shape derivative for a two-phase eigenvalue problem and optimal configurations in a ball.
           C. Conca, R.Mahadevan and L. Sanz.
            On second order shape optimization methods for electrical impedance tomography.
           L. Afraites, M. Dambrine and D. Kateb.

          Friday, August 28
          • 09:30h
          • Asymptotics for nonlocal evolution equations
             I.L. Ignat
          • 10:15h
          • Generic properties of the Laplace-Dirichlet and Schrödinger operators, with applications to quantum control
             M. Sigalotti
          • 11:00h
          • Lagrangian controllability of the 2D Euler equations
             T. Horsin
          • 12:15h
          • open session on "Spectral optimization problems"
             chaired by G. Buttazzo and P.D. Lamberti
          • Spectral stability of elliptic operators on variable domains
             P. D. Lamberti.

          • 16:00h
          • A variational model for cavitation and fracture in nonlinear elasticity
             C. Mora-Corral
          • 17:15h
          • open session on "Geometric inequalities and PDE’s"
             chaired by A. Pratelli and M. Novaga

            Saturday, August 29
            • 09:30h
            • open problems and free discussions

              Monday, August 31
              • 09:30h
              • Optimal transport techniques for the one-dimensional sticky particle system
                 G. Savaré
              • 10:15h
              • Transport with congestion
                 G. Carlier
              • 11:00h
              • Decoupling homogenization and diffusion approximation for the linear Boltzmann equation
                 M. Puel
              • 12:15h
              • open session on "Optimal transportation"
                 chaired by L. De Pascale and F. Santambrogio
              • 16:00h
              • Controllability of discrete waves, orders of convergence of discrete controls
                 S. Ervedoza
              • 17:15h
              • open session on "Conservation and balance laws"
                 chaired by R. Acar and O. Glass
              • Analysis of a conservation law modeling a highly re-entrant manufacturing system
                 J-M. Coron, M. Kawski and Z. Wang.
                  Networks of Balance Laws
                 M. Gugat.

                Tuesday, September 01
                • 09:30h
                • A hp-finite element method applied to the simulation of electromagnetics and acoustic/elastic borehole logging measurements
                   D. Pardo
                • 10:15h
                • (microlocal) Techniques to address boundary and interface problems
                   J. Le Rousseau
                • 11:00h
                • What is the optimal shape of a pipe?
                   Y. Privat
                • 12:15h
                • open session on "Homogenization problems, II"
                   chaired by P. Kogut and O. Museyko
                • Homogenization in elasto/visco-plasticity.
                   S. Nesenenko.
                    Boundary Velocity Suboptimal Control of Incompressible Flow in Cylindrically Perforated Domain.
                   P. Kogut.

                    Homogenization of finite metallic fibers and 3D-effective permittivity tensor
                   G.Bouchitte and C. Bourel.
                • 16:00h
                • Rapid stabilization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain
                   L. Rosier
                • 17:15h
                • open problems and free discussions

                  Wednesday, September 02
                  • 09:30h
                  • The Hardy inequality and the asymptotic behaviour of the heat equation in twisted domains
                     D. Krejcirik
                  • 10:15h
                  • Introduction to the study of generic dynamics and its relation with more classical PDE results
                     R. Joly
                  • 11:00h
                  • Blow-up and global sign-changing solutions of the nonlinear heat equation
                     F. Dickstein
                  • 12:15h
                  • Junior open session, I
                     chaired by F. Alabau and G. Buttazzo
                  • 16:00h
                  • Non-diffusive large time behaviour for a Hamilton-Jacobi equation with degenerate diffusion
                     P. Laurencot.
                  • 17:15h
                  • open problems and free discussions

                    Thursday, September 03
                    • 09:30h
                    • Minimizing the area and maximizing the perimeter for Zindler sets
                       A. Pratelli
                    • 10:15h
                    • Existence of optimal transportation maps: a short survey, a theorem and some open problems
                       L. De Pascale
                    • 11:30h
                    • Junior open session, II
                       chaired by F. Alabau and G. Buttazzo
                    • 16:00h
                    • open problems and free discussions

                      Friday, September 04

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