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Modern Cosmology: Early Universe, CMB and LSS

2010, Aug 01 -- Aug 20

J. García-Bellido (U. Autónoma Madrid)
E. Gaztañaga (ICE-CSIC)
J. Frieman (Fermilab, Chicago)

Monday, August 02
  • Topic of the day: "Laws of physics in cosmology" / Chair: R.Miquel
  • 09:00h
  • Testing gravity with galaxy surveys
  • 09:50h
  • Searching for cosmic superstrings in the CMB
  • 11:00h
  • Searching for Non-Gaussianity in the CMB
  • 18:00h
  • Discussion on the Integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect
     R.Crittenden (Chair), T.Giannantonio, J.Peacock

    Tuesday, August 03
    • Topic of the day: "Cosmic Yards" / Chair: N.Kaiser
    • 17:00h
    • "Testing Cosmic Gravity Now and Then"
    • 17:40h
    • "Early results from the WiggleZ dark energy survey"
    • 19:00h
    • "Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Large-Scale Structure"
    • 19:40h
    • "An inhomogeneous world view"

      Wednesday, August 04
      • Topic of the day: "Large scale structure" / Chair: J.Peacock
      • 09:00h
      • "Redshift-space distortions for galaxies with wide angular separations"
      • 09:50h
      • "The Coyote Universe"
      • 11:00h
      • "Scale-dependence of halo bias"
      • 11:40h
      • "Halo biasing: peaks, scale dependence and primordial non-Gaussianity"
      • 18:00h
      • Discussion on Redshift Space Distortions
         P.Norberg (Chair)

        Thursday, August 05
        • Topic of the day: "Early Universe & CMB" / Chair: A.Blanchard
        • 17:00h
        • "An improved excursion set theory approach to halo mass function, non-Gaussianities and bias"
        • 17:50h
        • "Toward a model for the galaxy bispectrum with generic initial conditions"
        • 19:00h
        • "Fingerprinting Dark Energy"

          Friday, August 06
          • Topic of the day: "Discussion/debate" / Chair: A.Lewis
          • 09:00h
          • "Galaxies, voids and the large-scale structure of the Universe"
          • 09:50h
          • "Cosmology from Pan-STARRS Wide Field Surveys"
          • 11:00h
          • "Evidence for the Fifth Element"
          • 17:00h
          • Discussion on Primordial non-Gaussianities in the LSS
             C.Porciani (Chair)

            Saturday, August 07

              Monday, August 09
              • Topic of the day: "Laws of physics in cosmology" / Chair: D.Huterer
              • 09:00h
              • "Bias, Primordial non-Gaussianity and the Bispectrum"
              • 09:50h
              • "Precision Cosmology with Gaussian Processes"
              • 11:00h
              • "Primordial Non-Gaussianities and Bispectrum in N-body Simulations"
              • 11:40h
              • "On the evidence for axion-like particles from AGN"
              • 17:00h
              • Discussion on Dark Energy parametrization
                 M.Kunz (Chair), L. Hollenstein, T. Giannantonio, C. Shapiro, D. Blas

                Tuesday, August 10
                • Topic of day: "Cosmic Yards" / Chair: J.Mohr
                • 10:00h
                • Discussion on Voids, Inhomogeneities and Backreaction
                   W. Valkenburg (Chair), R. Durrer, A. Romano, T. Haugboelle
                • 17:00h
                • "What can we learn from DES?"
                • 17:45h
                • "The DES Cluster Cosmology Program"
                • 18:50h
                • "Measuring BAO using photometric redshift surveys"
                • 19:30h
                • "Joint analysis of cluster surveys: modelling uncertainties in dark energy constraints using clusters of galaxies"

                  Wednesday, August 11
                  • Topic of the day: "Large scale structure" / Chair: R.Scoccimarro
                  • 09:00h
                  • "Probing the Growth of Non-Linear Structure in the Dark Universe with the Galaxy And Mass Assembly Survey (GAMA)"
                  • 09:50h
                  • "Massive galaxies in massive datasets"
                  • 11:00h
                  • "Some new results concerning the impact of primordial non-Gaussianities on large-scale structure observables"

                    Thursday, August 12
                    • Topic of the day: "Early Universe & CMB" / Chair: E.Linder
                    • 17:00h
                    • "Limits on primordial magnetic fields"
                    • 17:40h
                    • "Principal Components and Paradigm Falsification"
                    • 19:00h
                    • "The shape of the CMB lensing bispectrum"

                      Friday, August 13
                      • Topic of the day: "Discussion/debate" / Chair: W.Hu
                      • 09:00h
                      • "Mark correlations and optimal reconstruction of the dark matter distribution"
                      • 09:50h
                      • "Preparing for Euclid, a space mission to map the universe"
                      • 11:00h
                      • "Pushing the Void to the limits: a good fit to CMB, BAO, SN and HST"
                      • 17:00h
                      • Astro2010 Decadal Survey Release (online transmission from Washington)
                         J. Frieman (Chair)

                        Monday, August 16
                        • Topic of the day: "Laws of physics in cosmology" / Chair: C.Baugh
                        • 09:00h
                        • "Challenges in Galaxy Formation"
                        • 10:00h
                        • "Effects of modified gravity models on the growth of gravitational instabilities"
                        • 11:00h
                        • "Scale dependent non-Gaussianity"
                        • 17:00h
                        • Discussion on Primordial Magnetic Fields
                           R.Durrer (Chair), J.Garcia-Bellido, L.Hollenstein, R.Jain

                          Tuesday, August 17
                          • Topic of the day: "Cosmic Yards" / Chair: R.Durrer
                          • 17:00h
                          • "Simulating quintessence cosmologies: growth of structure and redshift-space distortions"
                          • 17:45h
                          • "Primordial Gravitational Waves from preheating after inflation"
                          • 19:00h
                          • "Abundances of Rare Objects and primordial non-Gaussianity"

                            Wednesday, August 18
                            • Topic of the day: "Large scale structure" / Chair: A.Albrecht
                            • 09:00h
                            • "Some thoughts on equivalence principle and bubble collisions on cosmic scales"
                            • 09:50h
                            • "Status Report on the South Pole Telescope: What we have learned about SZE selected samples and initial constraints on cosmology"
                            • 11:00h
                            • "Non-local bias from primordial non-Gaussianity"

                              Thursday, August 19
                              • Topic of the day: "Discussion/debate" / Chair: E.Copeland
                              • 09:00h
                              • "Supernova Cosmology: where is the systematic floor?"
                              • 09:50h
                              • "Weak gravitational lensing: magnitudes or shapes?"
                              • 11:00h
                              • "Disentangling inflation from defects with the CMB local B-modes"

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