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V Research Meeting on Approximation Theory

2010, Sep 30 -- Oct 03

Pedro J. Miana (IUMA, U. Zaragoza)
J. Bernués (RSME, U. Zaragoza)

This V Research Meeting on Approximation Theory is the fifth meeting of the Research Group E-64 Analisis Matematico y aplicaciones funded by the Gobierno of Aragón. The first workshop took place in Jaca (2006); the second edition in Albarracin (2007); the third one in Calatayud (2008) and last year in Huesca (2009).

In this ocassion, we have invited well-known researchers in different fields of Aproximation Theory: Complex Variable; Banach algebras; Topology in Functional Analysis; Differential Geometry; Orthogonal Polynomials and Graphs. The invited speakers are the following

J. Betancor, U de La Laguna

A. Borichev, U. de Marseille

B. Cascales, U de Murcia

A. Gillespie, U of Edingburgh

L. Giraldo, U. Complutense de Madrid

A. Iserles, U of Cambrigde

A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, U de Almería

M. Romance, U. Rey Juan Carlos

Y. Yu. U. of California

The main goal of the present edition is to discuss recent advances in Approximation Theory and to bring together different groups working in complementary directions in order to fertilize new approaches to classical problems. Program and book of abstracts.

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