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Frontiers in interface physics: microfluidics, biomembranes and nanostructures

2010, Nov 10 -- Nov 14

A. Hernández-Machado (U. Barcelona)
R. Cuerno (U. Carlos III)
M. Castro (U. Pontificia Comillas)
L. Vázquez (ICMM. CSIC)
J. M. López (IFCA - CSIC- UC)

Thursday, November 11
  • Chairman: R. Cuerno
  • 09:15h
  • Opening
     A. Hernández-Machado
  • 09:30h
  • Nanoscale Morphology Evolution Using Ion Beams
     M. Aziz
  • 11:00h
  • Theory of Membrane Shaping and Remodeling by Proteins
     M. Kozlov
  • 12:15h
  • Poster session
  • 13:30h
  • Lunch
  • Chairman: L. Vázquez
  • 16:00h
  • Periodically Rippled Epitaxial Graphene: An Electronically and Structurally Nanostructured Material
     R. Miranda
  • 17:30h
  • Homeostatic pressure, tumor growth and fingering of epithelial tissues: some generic physics arguments
     T. Risler
  • 18:45h
  • Interface dynamics in solids, fluids and biosystems
     R. Cuerno
  • 19:30h
  • The science of cooking
     P. Castells-Fundacio Alicia

    Friday, November 12
    • Chairman: J. M. López
    • 09:30h
    • Fluid flow at the interface between solids with randomly rough surfaces
       B. Persson
    • 11:00h
    • Juggling with droplets
       R. Seeman
    • 12:15h
    • Poster session
    • Chairman: M. Castro
    • 16:00h
    • Membrane networks and protein nanostructures at the respiratory air-liquid interface of mammlian lungs
       J. Pérez-Gil
    • 17:30h
    • Osmotic manipulation of colloids
       L. Bocquet
    • 18:45h
    • Interface physics at the micro and nanoscale
       A. Hernández-Machado
    • 19:30h
    • Poster session
    • Wine & cheese

      Saturday, November 13
      • Chairman: A. Hernández-Machado
      • 09:00h
      • TBA
         D. Weitz
      • 10:30h
      • How do fluids flow over surfaces ?
         P. Tabeling
      • 15:30h
      • Round Table

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