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Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics and Spectral Design

2010, Jul 18 -- Jul 30

L. M. Nieto (U. Valladolid)
J. Negro (U. Valladolid)
A. Andrianov (U. Barcelona)
A. Smilga (SUBATECH, Nantes)
V. Hussin (U. Montréal)

Monday, July 19
  • 09:30h
  • Opening
     Jose Ignacio Latorre, Alexander Andrianov
  • 10:00h
  • Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and Painleve IV equation
     David J. Fernandez
  • 11:15h
  • Supersymmetrical separation of variables in 2-dim Quantum Mechanics
     Mikhail V. Ioffe
  • 18:00h
  • First and second order SUSY transformations for singular potentials
     Manuel Gadella
  • 18:30h
  • Numerical approach to SUSY quantum mechanics and gauge/gravity duality
     Masanori Hanada

    Tuesday, July 20
    • 10:00h
    • Two-dimensional Morse potentials and quantum coherent and squeezed states
       Veronique Hussin
    • 11:15h
    • Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics and coupled-channel scattering problems
       Andrei M. Pupasov
    • 18:00h
    • Spectrum generating algebra for free motion on S^3
    • 18:30h
    • Pseudo-bosons: mathematics and physical examples
       Fabio Bagarello

      Wednesday, July 21
      • 10:00h
      • Complex Correspondence Principle
         Carl M. Bender
      • 11:15h
      • Some properties of the complex Hamiltonian systems
         Alexander Gorsky
      • 18:00h
      • Quantum Toboggans and Supersymmetry
         Miloslav Znojil
      • 18:30h
      • SUSY-QM for trapped particles subject to contact pseudo-potentials
         Oscar Rosas-Ortiz

        Thursday, July 22
        • 10:00h
        • Time Asymmetric Quantum Theory
           Arno Bohm
        • 11:15h
        • N=4 multi-particle mechanics, WDVV equations and deformed root systems
           Olaf Lechtenfeld
        • 18:00h
        • On the ground state of the matrix model
           Macey Trzetrzelewski
        • 18:30h
        • Translations, reflections, and (nonlinear) supersymmetries
           Mikhail Plyushchay
        • 19:00h
        • Differential Galois Theory and Shape Invariance
           Primitivo B. Acosta-Huma’nez

          Friday, July 23
          • 10:00h
          • Supersymmetries of the Dirac Operator in Background Fields with some Applications
             Andreas Wipf
          • 11:15h
          • Supersymmetry in 5d gravity
              Satoshi Ohya
          • 18:00h
          • Exceptional points and spectral singularities for non-Hermitian SUSY Hamiltonians: puzzles with resolutions of identities
             Andrei V. Sokolov
          • 18:30h
          • SUSY transformations between real and complex potentials: spectral singularities, equivalent Hermitian operators and resonance-like scattering
             Boris F. Samsonov
          • 19:00h
          • Supersymmetric Calogero-Sutherland-type models: recent developments
             Pijush K. Ghosh

            Monday, July 26
            • 10:00h
            • Hidden SUSY of Hamilton-Jacobi
               Paul Townsend
            • 11:15h
            • Witten index in Supersymmetric 3D theories revisited
               Andrei V. Smilga
            • 18:00h
            • Fluctuations around Periodic BPS-Density Waves in the Calogero Model
               Joshua Feinberg
            • 18:30h
            • SQM with non-Abelian self-dual fields
               Maxim Konyushikhin
            • 19:00h
            • Deformed Schroedinger algebra and superconformal quantum mechanics
               Mauricio Valenzuela
                Deformed Schroedinger algebra and superconformal quantum mechanics
               Mauricio Valenzuela

              Tuesday, July 27
              • 10:00h
              • Harmonic superfields in supersymmetric quantum mechanics
                 Evgeni Ivanov
              • 11:15h
              • Spontaneous Breaking of Scale Invariance in a Supersymmetric Model
                 Moshe Moshe
              • 18:00h
              • On some classically integrable systems and SUSY Quantum Mechanics
                 Juan Mateos Guilarte
              • 18:30h
              • N=4 superconformal mechanics with spin variables by gauging
                 Sergey Fedoruk

                Wednesday, July 28
                • 10:00h
                • Sporadic Groups in Physics: The Monster Group |M and String Theory; and the Mathieu Group M_24 and the K3 surface
                   Luis J. Boya
                • 11:15h
                • Multi-well potentials in quantum mechanics and stochastic processes
                   Victor Berezovoj
                • 18:00h
                • Spectral Analysis on Wavelets and Applications
                   Fernando M Gomez-Cubillo
                • 18:30h
                • Solution of Fokker-Planck equation using Rosen-Morse isospectral potential
                   Elso Drigo Filho

                  Thursday, July 29
                  • 10:00h
                  • Anyons, strings and superstrings
                     Luca Mezincescu
                  • 11:15h
                  • Potentials unbounded below
                     Thomas Curtright
                  • 18:00h
                  • Supersymmetry for time-dependent generalized Schroedinger equation
                     Alina Suzko
                  • 18:30h
                  • Generating Solvable Potentials
                     Asim Gangopadhyaya
                  • 19:00h
                  • Closing
                     Alexander Andrianov, Luis Miguel Nieto

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