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Engineering the Eye III

2011, Jun 09 -- Jun 13

P. Artal (U. Murcia)
D. R. Williams (U. Rochester, USA)
C. Dainty (U. National, Ireland)

Friday, June 10
  • 08:00h
  • Registration
  • 09:15h
  • Introduction. Welcome address
     Pablo Artal, Chris Dainty & David Williams
  • 09:29h
  • Session I. Multiphoton imaging of the eye
     Moderator. Chris Dainty

  • 09:30h
  • Multiphoton imaging of the retina. Past and future developments
     Josef Bille, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • 10:15h
  • Multiphoton imaging of the cornea
     James Jester, University of California, Irvine, USA
  • 11:30h
  • Wavefront optimized 2-photon microscopy of ocular tissues
     Juan Bueno, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
  • 12:15h
  • Multiphoton imaging of the living retina
     Jennifer Hunter, University of Rochester, USA
  • 13:00h
  • Discussion
     Fred Fitzke, UCL, London, UK
  • 15:00h
  • Session II. New horizons in refractive and cataract surgery
     Moderator. David Williams

  • 15:01h
  • Writing 3D refractive index modifications in ophthalmic polymer & ocular tissue - a novel means of altering refraction & biomechanics with minimal cellular damage
     Wayne Knox, University of Rochester, USA
  • 15:45h
  • Femtosecond treatment of the crystalline lens
     Ron Kruger, Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • 16:30h
  • IOLs controlled by 2-photon processes
     Norbert Hampp, University of Marburg, Germany
  • 17:15h
  • Discussion
     Pablo Artal

    Saturday, June 11
    • 15:29h
    • Session III. Classic or unsolved problems in Visual Optics
        Moderator: Chris Dainty

    • 15:30h
    • Can scatter actually be measured in the eye?
       Harilaos Ginis, University of Crete, Greece
    • 16:15h
    • Lateral chromatic aberration in the eye
       Pedro Prieto, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
    • 17:00h
    • What's new with the Stiles-Crawford effect?
       Brian Vohnsen, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
    • 17:45h
    • Low light vision under AO correction
       Pablo Artal, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
    • 18:30h
    • Discussion
       David Williams

      Sunday, June 12
      • 09:29h
      • Session IV. Optics and vision
         Moderator. Pablo Artal

      • 09:30h
      • Adaptive optics: a review of a technology key for vision experiments
         Chris Dainty, NUI Galway, Ireland
      • 10:15h
      • Binocular vision tested with adaptive optics
         Enrique J Fernandez, Universidad de Murcia, Spain
      • 11:30h
      • Neural adaptation effects to large aberrations (keratoconus)
         Geunyoung Yoon, University of Rochester, USA
      • 12:15h
      • Adaptation to the aberrations and daily tasks
         Susana Marcos, Instituto de Optica, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
      • 13:00h
      • Discussion
         Melanie Campbell, University of Warterloo, Canada
      • 15:29h
      • Session V. Optics and neurons
         Moderator. David Williams

      • 15:30h
      • High resolution imaging of the inner retina
         Alfredo Dubra, University of Rochester, USA
      • 16:15h
      • Optical mapping of LGN receptive fields
         Austin Roorda, University of California, Berkeley, USA
      • 17:00h
      • High-resolution adaptive optics fluorescence imaging of retinal cell function
         William Merigan, University of Rochester, USA
      • 17:45h
      • Final discussion and conclusions: towards EEIV?
         Pablo Artal, Chris Dainty & David Williams

        Monday, June 13

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