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8th International Workshop on Disordered Systems

2012, Aug 26 -- Sep 01

V. A. Gopar (U. Zaragoza)
F. Domínguez-Adame (U. Complutense Madrid)
U. Kuhl (U. Nice-Sophia Antipolis)
R. Molina (I.E.M., CSIC)
R. Roemer (U. Warwick)

Monday, August 27
  • 08:30h
  • Registration
  • 08:50h
  • Opening
  • 09:00h
  • Localization at bilayer graphene and topological insulators edges
     Markus Büttiker
  • 10:00h
  • A microwave analogue of graphene
     Ulrich Kuhl
  • 11:00h
  • LDOS in quantum Hall systems with a smooth disordered potential landscape
     Thierry Champel
  • 11:30h
  • Disordered Bose-Einstein condensates
     Christopher Gaul
  • 12:15h
  • Scaling and characterization of eigenstates in 1D power-law correlated systems
     Nancy Sandler
  • 12:45h
  • Onsager relations in a two-dimensional electron gas with spin-orbit coupling
     Cosimo Gorini
  • 15:30h
  • Particle and energy transport in quantum disordered and quasi-periodic chain
     Shigeru Ajisaka
  • 16:00h
  • Diffusion of wave packets in a square lattice under external fields along the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
     Paulo E. de Brito
  • 17:00h
  • Free/Registration

    Tuesday, August 28
    • 09:00h
    • Typical-medium theories of Mott-Anderson transitions
       Vladimir Dobrosavljevic
    • 10:00h
    • Numerical analysis of the metal-insulator transition in doped semiconductors using DFT in the local density approximation
       Yosuke Harashima
    • 11:00h
    • Anderson transitions in 1d with long-range correlations: a puzzle solved
       Greg M. Petersen
    • 11:30h
    • Anomalous transport and diffusion in quenched Lévy correlated media
       Alessandro Vezzani
    • 12:15h
    • Pump-controlled directional emission from a random laser
       Matthias Liertzer
    • 12:45h
    • Non-conventional optic response in bilayered arrays with metamaterials
       Nykolay Makarov
    • 15:30h
    • Anderson localization in 1D disordered rods
       Rafael A. Méndez
    • 16:00h
    • Elastic rays in 3D billiards
       Thomas Gorin
    • 16:30h
    • Coffee
    • 17:00h
    • Poster session

      Wednesday, August 29
      • 09:00h
      • Localization properties of random-mass Dirac fermions
         Mikhail Raikh

        Thursday, August 30
        • 09:00h
        • Transmission phase in quantum transport: disorder, chaotic and correlation effects
           Rodolfo A. Jalabert
        • 10:00h
        • Classical percolation fingerprints in the high-temperature regime of quantum Hall effect
           Serge Florens
        • 11:00h
        • Disordered systems with generic universal finite-disorder fixed points
           Eduardo Miranda
        • 11:30h
        • Nearest level spacing statistics in open chaotic systems: a generalization of the Wigner Surmise
           German A. Luna-Acosta
        • 12:15h
        • Superradiance transition in photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes
           Fausto Borgonovi
        • 12:45h
        • Phase transitions in the quantum transport problem
           Pierpaolo Vivo
        • 15:30h
        • Localisation and transmission in random media with correlated disorder and absorption or gain.
           Luca Tessieri
        • 16:00h
        • Reflection resonances in waveguides with rough surface profiles: Identifying signatures of a new scattering mechanism
           Joerg Doppler
        • 16:30h
        • Electronic transport in DNA at finite temperatures
           Andrey Malyshev
        • 17:30h
        • Poster session

          Friday, August 31
          • 09:00h
          • Speckle, modes, transmission eigenchannels, and focusing in random media
             Azi Genack
          • 10:00h
          • Single channel transport in disordered systems
             Andrey Chabanov
          • 11:00h
          • Universal conductance fluctuation and level rigidity in random media
             Zhou Shi
          • 11:30h
          • Wavepacket spreading dynamics under a non-instantaneous nonlinearity: Self-trapping, defocusing and focusing
             Rodrigo Lima
          • 12:15h
          • Multifractal finite-size-scaling and universality at the Anderson transition
             Rudolf Roemer
          • 12:45h
          • Transport versus spectral statistics in open 1D Anderson model
             Felix. M. Izrailev
          • 13:15h
          • Poster awards and Closing

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