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Science and Applications of Ultrafast Ultraintese Lasers

2013, Feb 04 -- Feb 06

L. Roso (CLPU Salamanca)

Now 112 scientists constitute the SAUUL team. It is organized in eight different groups from six different institutions. Those groups are: LO-Universidad de Murcia, LUF-Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ATTO-ICFO Barcelona, ES-Universidad del Pais Vasco, GROC-Universidad Jaume I de Castellón, OPO-ICFO Barcelona, FOT-Universidad del Pais Vasco, and LU-Universidad de Salamanca. The Coordinator is the University of Salamanca. All participating groups have well equipped laboratories consisting on singular femtosecond amplified laser systems of very high level. The role of this Consolider Project is to coordinate the scientific operation of such equipments to get an optimized performance and a broad distribution of technology. The aim of the meeting is to establish new collaborations and expand previously existing ones to new fields.

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