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2015, May 04 -- May 14

L. Amico (U. Catania-CNR & CQT-NUS)
G. Birkl (TU Darmstadt)
M. Boshier (Los Alamos)
L.-C. Kwek (CQT-NUS)
A. Minguzzi (U. J. Fourier & CNRS Grenoble)

Tuesday, May 05
  • 09:30:09:45h
  • Opening remarks
  • 09:45:10:45h
  • Experiments with superfluid atom circuits
     F. Jendrzejewski
  • 11:30:12:30h
  • Spatial gaps
     D. Guery-Odelin
  • 15:00:16:00h
  • Experiments with BECs in painted potentials
     M. Boshier

    Wednesday, May 06
    • 09:00:10:00h
    • Imaging the collective excitations of a quantum gas using statistical correlations
       H. Perrin
    • 10:45:11:25h
    • Spin and particle conductance of a strongly interacting Fermi gas
       C. Grenier
    • 11:25:12:10h
    • Generation and decay of persistent currents in a toroidal p Bose‐Einstein condensate
       A. Yakimenko
    • 15:00:16:00h
    • Ultra-Smooth magnetic matter-wave-guides
       W. von Klitzing

      Thursday, May 07
      • 09:00:10:00h
      • Experimental Efforts Towards Exploring Condensed Matter Systems with AMO Physics
         R. Dumke
      • 10:45:11:45h
      • Optimal Persistent Currents for Interacting Bosons on a Ring with a Gauge Field
         M. Rizzi
      • 15:00:15:30h
      • Effective dynamics of BEC confined in ring-shaped optical lattices
         D. Aghamalyan
      • 16:15:16:55h
      • Coherent superposition of current flows in an Atomtronic Quantum Interference Device
         D. Rossini

        Friday, May 08
        • 09:00:10:00h
        • Quantum Quenches: From the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble to Pre-thermalization
           M. Cazalilla
        • 10:45:11:45h
        • Quantum transport in quantum gases: Synthetic fields and Hawking radiation
           F. Sols
        • 15:00:16:00h
        • Superfluidity and Thermalization in low dimensional Bose-Hubbard Circuits
           D. Cohen

          Monday, May 11
          • 09:00:10:00h
          • Interfacing ultracold atoms and superconductors
             J. Fortagh
          • 10:45:11:45h
          • Inductively guided circuits for ultracold dressed atoms
             B. Garraway
          • 15:00:16:00h
          • Principles of an Atomtronic Transistor Oscillator
             D. Anderson

            Tuesday, May 12
            • 09:00:10:00h
            • Dynamical control of matter-wave transport in tunnelling-coupled few-traps systems
               V. Ahufinger
            • 10:45:11:15h
            • Engineering semifluxon states in Bose-Hubbard trimers
               A. Gallemí
            • 15:00:16:00h
            • Maximum contrast interferometry and coherence in Bose-Einstein condensates
               A. Arnold

              Wednesday, May 13
              • 09:00:10:100h
              • Analog Circuit Models for Quasi-2D Atomtronic Systems
                 M. Edwards
              • 10:45:11:45h
              • Quantum simulation of the quantum Hall effect
                 T. Grass
              • 15:00:16:00h
              • Dipolar oscillations in a split trap
                 A. Minguzzi

                This session has received financial support from the following institutions:

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