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Advances and applications in carbon related nanomaterials: From pure to doped structures including heteroatom layers

2015, Dec 07 -- Dec 11

R. Arenal (LMA - INA, chairman)
C. P. Ewels (Nantes U.)
D. Golberg (MANA - NIMS - U. Tsukuba)
V. Meunier (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
A. Rubio (U. País Vasco - Fritz Haber Institut - Max Plank Gesellschaft)

Monday, December 07
  • 15:00h
  • Departure of the buses from Barcelona university
  • 15:30h
  • Departure of the buses from Barcelona airport
  • 20:30h
  • Arrival to Benasque
  • 21:15h
  • Welcome cocktail

    Tuesday, December 08
    • Chair Session: A. KRASHENINNIKOV (Aalto University, Finland)
    • 08:30h
    • Remarks / announcements
    • 08:45h
    • Optical properties of atomically thin semiconductors layers and heterostructures
       Invited speaker - Tony F. HEINZ (Stanford University, USA)
    • 09:20h
    • Theoretical Probing Of Excitonic Effects In Transition Dichalcogenides Monolayers: A True Numerical Experience
       GERBER, Iann, LPCNO INSA-Toulouse
    • 09:40h
    • luminescence at defects in h-bn: excitons at stacking faults and single photon emitters
       TARARAN, Anna, Paris-Sud Orsay Univ.
    • 10:00h
    • Hydrogen-Assisted, Highly Efficient Synthesis Of Boron Nitride Nanotubes
       KIM, Keun Su, National Research Council Canada
    • 10:20h
    • Spectroscopic fingerprints of tailored 1D and 2D nanocarbons
       Invited speaker - Thomas PICHLER (University of Vienna, Austria)

    • Chair Session: HEINZ, Tony (Stanford univ., USA)
    • 11:20h
    • Extended Spiropyran-SWNTs conjugated complexes: A new class of photochromic materials
       Invited speaker - Antonio SETARO (Free University Berlin, Ger.)
    • 11:55h
    • Electron conduction and trapping in single-walled carbon nanotubes sorted by gel chromatography
       ANSÓN-CASAOS, Alejandro: Inst. de Carboquímica, ICB-CSIC
    • 12:15h
    • Carbon/MoS2 Composite Structures: Synthesis, Electonic Properties And Application
       KOROTEEV, Victor: NIIC SB RAS
    • 12:35h
    • Liquid adhesion and capillary actions at the nanoscopic level: Direct observations of interactions between water and single WS2 nanotubes
       TENNE, Reshef: Weizmann Inst. Sc., Israel

    • Chair Session: O.A. WILLIAMS (Cardiff University, UK)
    • 18:30h
    • Diamond spin quantum sensors
       Invited speaker - Joerg WRACHTRUP (Stuttgart University, Ger.)
    • 19:05h
    • Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of Single-Crystal Diamond Pyramids
       OBRAZTSOVA, Ekaterina: Semyakin&Ovchinnikov I. Bioorg. Chem.
    • 19:25h
    • Nanodiamond / silicon carbide nanocomposites for membranes applicationsoral contribution
       ALAUZUN, Johan: Universite Montpellier
    • 19:45h
    • Poster session
       Cocktail during the poster session

      Wednesday, December 09
      • Chair Session: K. SUENAGA (AIST, Japan)
      • 08:30h
      • Remarks / announcements
      • 08:45h
      • Native And Irradiation-Induced Defects In Two-Dimensional Inorganic Materials
         Invited speaker - Arkady KRASHENINNIKOV (Aalto University, Fin.)
      • 09:20h
      • Electrical transport measured in sp1-hybridized chains of carbon atoms
         BANHART, Florian: University of Strasbourg, IPCMS
      • 09:40h
      • Formation Mechanism of Nanostructured WS2 in the Confinement of an Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Prepared by a One Pot Synthesis
         PARMENTIER, Julien: Inst. de Science Matériaux de Mulhouse
      • 10:00h
      • In-situ Growing of Carbon Nanotubes Encapsulated within Boron Nitride Nanotubes via Electron Irradiation
         ARENAL, Raul: Universidad de Zaragoza
      • 10:20h
      • Misfit layered nanotubes as a new class of low dimensional materials
         Invited speaker - Leela PANCHAKARLA (Weizmann Inst. Sc., Is.)

      • Chair Session: W. MASER (ICB, CSIC, Spain)
      • 11:20h
      • Azafullerene-Based Hybrids For Managing Charge-Transfer Processes
         Invited speaker - Nikos Tagmatarchis (Nat. Hellenic Res. F., Gr.)
      • 11:55h
      • Photoelectrochemical properties of tio2-carbon nanomaterial composite electrodes
         HERNÁNDEZ FERRER, Javier: Instituto de Carboquímica-CSIC
      • 12:15h
      • Covalent Functionalization of Boron Nitride Nanotubes via Reduction Chemistry
         SHIN, Homin: National Research Council Canada
      • 12:35h
      • Doped Carbon Nanostructures for Cold Field Emission: Structural and Analytical studies
         WANG, Rongrong: CEMES-CNRS and Universidad de Zaragoza

      • Chair Session: R. TENNE (Weizmann Inst. Sc., Israel)
      • 18:30h
      • Thin Films of Heteronanohybrids of Carbon Nanotubes and Acceptor Molecules for Conducting Transparent Electrodes
         Invited speaker - Elena OBRAZTSOVA (Prokhorov Gen. Phys. I., Rus.)
      • 19:05h
      • Organic Synthesis of Carbon Heterostructures
         BERGER, Reinhard Franz Josef: TU Dresden
      • 19:25h
      • Evidences For The Unexpected Filling Of Double-Wall Carbon Nanotubes With Iodine Nanocrystals
         NIE, Chunyang: CEMES-CNRS
      • 19:45h
      • Poster session
         Cocktail during the poster session

        Thursday, December 10
        • Chair Session: R. ARENAL (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
        • 08:30h
        • Remarks / announcements
        • 08:45h
        • Atomic-scale observations of growth, oxidation, de-fect formation and phase transition in low-dimensional materials
           Invited speaker - Kazu SUENAGA (AIST, Japan)
        • 09:20h
        • Manipulating individual atoms with an electron beam
           SUSI, Toma: University of Vienna
        • 09:40h
        • Nanostructures in two-dimensional materials sculpted with electrons and applications
           MLACK, Jerome: University of Pennsylvania
        • 10:00h
        • Spectromicroscopy investigation of fluorine and nitrogen doped carbon nanomaterials
           SCARDAMAGLIA, MATTIA: University of Mons
        • 10:20h
        • Some Recent Advances In Stem Spectroscopies For Exploring Graphene And Layered Bn Structural And Electronic Properties
           Invited speaker - Odile STEPHAN (Paris-Sud Orsay Univ., Fr.)

        • Chair Session: E. OBRAZTSOVA (Prokhorov Gen. Phys. Inst., Russia)
        • 11:20h
        • Graphene Oxide Papers And Films As Electrode Materials
           Invited speaker - Wolfgang MASER (ICB, CSIC, Spain)
        • 11:55h
        • IrOx Nanostructured Hybrids with Graphene / Graphene Oxide / Carbon Nanotubes Electrodes for Neural Stimulation and Repair
           CASAÑ PASTOR, Nieves: ICMAB-CSIC
        • 12:15h
        • Performance evaluation of doped carbon nanotube/polysulfone nanofiltration membranes
           NXUMALO, Edward: University of South Africa
        • 12:35h
        • Promises Of Graphene Oxide Frameworks For Water Desalination Applications
           NICOLAI, Adrien: Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

        • Chair Session: T. PICHLER (University of Vienna, Austria)
        • 18:45h
        • Interaction of tritium and chlorine 36 with defects in graphite: insights from theory
           LECHNER, Christoph: EDF R&D
        • 19:05h
        • Assembling Graphene Oxide – Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Layered Hybrids For Energy Applications
           NUÑEZ, J. David: Instituto de Carboquímica (ICB-CSIC)
        • 19:25:19:45h
        • Synthesis of Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Foams for Hydrogen Energy Technologies
           STEPHEN Lyth (Kyushu University)

          Friday, December 11
          • 08:00h
          • Departure to Barcelona

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