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Quantum Engineering of Levitated Systems

2016, Sep 25 -- Oct 01

P. Barker (College London U.)
M. Juan (Macquarie U.)
T. Li (Purdue U.)
J. Twamley (Macquarie U.)

This workshop is intended to discuss the recent progress in the field of quantum engineering using levitated systems with a strong emphasis on mesoscopic systems and levitation either via optical, electric or magnetic means. Through levitation researchers aim to strongly suppress mechanical dissipation effects present in typical micro- and nano-mechanical devices. Achieving this will permit one to explore the creation of macroscopic quantum superpositions and to potentially probe the classical-quantum boundary, develop new types of sensors and novel engineered quantum systems. This new field has attracted a strong interest, both theoretical and experimental in recent years. As several groups have started important efforts on this topic this workshop will constitute the perfect opportunity to discuss prospects for this emerging research area.

Following the tradition of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual, we hope to provide through this workshop an interactive atmosphere to reinforce connections between research efforts, develop new ideas and explore novel directions. As a consequence, the schedule will provide ample time for discussion amongst the participants. In addition, a number of talks from the invited speakers and a few contributed talks will provide many opportunities for such discussions. Early Career Researchers (postdocs), and PhD students are encouraged to participate.

Confirmed list of workshop invited speakers
- Yoshihiko Arita, (Uni St Andrews, UK)
- Peter Barker, (U College London, UK)
- Sougato Bose, (U College London, UK)
- Gavin Brennen, (Macquarie U, Australia)
- Darrick Chang, (ICFO, Spain)
- Filip, Radim, (Palacky University, Czech Republic)
- Andrew Geraci, (U Nevada, USA)
- Jack Harris, (Yale, USA)
- Gabriel Hetet, (ENS, France)
- Mathieu Juan, (Macquarie U, Australia)
- Nikolai Kiesel (U Vienna, Austria)
- Stefan Kuhn, (U Vienna, Austria)
- Ping-Koy Lam, (ANU, Australia)
- Tongcang Li, (Purdue, USA)
- Gabriel Molina-Terriza, (Macquarie U, Australia)
- Tania Monteiro, (Univ Coll London, UK)
- Tracy Northup, (U Innsbruck, Austria)
- Romain Quidant, (ICFO, Spain)
- Oriol Romero-Isart, (U Innsbruck, Austria)
- Lin Tian, (U Calf Merced, USA)
- Jason Twamley, (Macquarie U, Australia)
- Hendrick Ulbricht, (U Southhampton, UK)
- Zhangqi Yin, (Tsinghua U, China)
- Pavel Zemanek (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Repulic)
- Nan Zhao, (Beijing Computational Science Research Center, China)


All persons who wish to participate should fill out the application form. If you wish to contribute to the Workshop with an oral contribution or a poster, please upload an abstract after you have completed the registration (see below, Call for contributions). Invited speakers are also asked to upload their abstracts and talk titles in the link below.

Call for contributions

We have a limited number of slots for contributed talks, and we will also hold a poster session. If you are interested in present a poster or oral contribution, please upload your abstract HERE.

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