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Gravity - New perspectives from strings and higher dimensions

2017, Jul 16 -- Jul 28

R. Emparan (ICREA - U. Barcelona)
V. Hubeny (QMAP - UC Davis)
M. Rangamani (QMAP - UC Davis)

Monday, July 17
  • 09:00:10:30h
  • Registration
  • 10:30h
  • String Theory of Supertubes
     Emil Martinec
  • 11:45h
  • Instability of AdS with Angular Momenta
     Benson Way

    Tuesday, July 18
    • 10:30h
    • On Universality of Holographic Results for (2 + 1)-Dimensional CFTs on Curved Spacetimes
       Toby Wiseman
    • 11:45h
    • Intertwined Orders in Holography: Pair and Charge Density Waves
       Sera Cremonini

      Wednesday, July 19
      • 10:30h
      • Complexity and Geometry
         Adam Brown
      • 11:45h
      • Geometry without holography
         Guifré Vidal

        Thursday, July 20
        • 10:30h
        • Logarithmic Corrections to Black Hole Entropy
           Finn Larsen
        • 11:45h
        • Nonlinear Dynamics in AdS
           Stephen Green
        • 15:00h
        • Discussion: Black Hole Instabilities
           Pau Figueras, Hans Bantilan

          Friday, July 21
          • 10:30h
          • Subregions and Quantum Gravity
             Aitor Lewkowycz
          • 11:45h
          • Operator growth in quantum chaotic systems
             Dan Roberts
          • 15:00h
          • Discussion: Complexity in QFT
             Michal Heller

            Monday, July 24
            • 10:30h
            • Extremal surfaces, entanglement entropy and energy conditions from dynamical spacetimes
               Wilke Van der Schee
            • 11:45h
            • Bulk Phase shift, Regge limit and Einstein Gravity
               Manuela Kulaxizi
            • 15:00h
            • Discussion: Out-of-time-order
               F. Haehl, M. Rangamani

              Tuesday, July 25
              • 10:30h
              • Black Holes, Hidden Symmetries, and Complete Integrability
                 Valeri Frolov
              • 11:45h
              • The large D limit of turbulence
                 Amos Yarom
              • 15:00h
              • Discussion: Holographic entanglement
                 Alex Belin, Aitor Lewkowycz

                Wednesday, July 26
                • 10:30h
                • Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
                   Pavel Kovtun
                • 11:45h
                • Non-linear gravity from entanglement in CFTs
                   Felix Haehl
                • 15:00h
                • Discussion: Large D
                   R. Emparan

                  Thursday, July 27
                  • 10:30h
                  • Testing strong gravity in the gravitational wave era
                     Helvi Witek
                  • 11:45h
                  • Extreme Black Holes and Their Gravity Wave Signatures
                     Shahar Hadar

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