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Advances and applications in carbon related nanomaterials: From pure to doped structures including heteroatom layers

2017, Dec 11 -- Dec 15

R. Arenal (LMA - INA, chairman)
C. P. Ewels (Nantes U.)
D. Golberg (MANA - NIMS - U. Tsukuba)
V. Meunier (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
A. Rubio (U. País Vasco - Fritz Haber Institut - Max Plank Gesellschaft)

Download pdf version of the program here.

Tuesday, December 12
  • SESSION I . Chairs: R. Arenal - T.Pichler
  • 08:55h
  • Interfacial Engineering of Two-Dimensional Nanoelectronic Heterostructures
     Mark C. Hersam
  • 09:30h
  • 2D-0D Heterostructures for spintronics
     D.L. Mouafo
  • 09:50h
  • Stability and Phonon Anharmonicity of Black and Blue Phosphorus
     Damien Tristant
  • 10:10h
  • Excitons in layered materials: Rydberg-Series, Davydov-splitting in multi-layers, phonon- assisted optical absorption, and resonant Raman spectroscopy
     Ludger Wirtz

  • SESSION II . V. Meunier and P. Ruffieux
  • 11:10h
  • Electrical probing of chains of carbon atoms - the way to the ultimate 1D conductor ?
     F. Banhart
  • 11:45h
  • NO2 detection from the ppb level up to ppm concentrations using single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT)-based field effect transistors
     Leandro Sacco
  • 12:05h
  • Interlayer locking and atomic-scale friction in commensurate small-diameter boron nitride nanotubes
     Homin Shin
  • 12:25h
  • Defect modulated optical conductivity of carbon nanotubes and nanotube hybrids with confined carbynes as novel advanced materials
     T. Pichler

  • SESSION III. Chairs: M. Hersam
  • 18:30h
  • Controlling the Assembly of 2-D materials at interfaces
     Alan dAlton
  • 19:05h
  • Terahertz time-domain room-temperature graphene detector
     Pavel Chizhov
  • 19:25h
  • Graphene Nanoribbon Heterostructures
     Pascal Ruffieux

    Wednesday, December 13
    • SESSION IV. Chairs: L. Wirtz Invited Speaker F. Banhart
    • 08:45h
    • Functional hybrids of single-walled carbon nanotubes via pi-preserving covalent attachment
       Stephanie Reich
    • 09:20h
    • Atomic Configuration of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
       Raul Arenal
    • 09:40h
    • Computational investigation of the translocation of single polypeptide through MoS2 nanopores from ionic conductance dynamics
       Maria Daniela Barrios Perez
    • 10:00h
    • Transitional metal dichalcogenides functionalized with porphyrins for energy conversion
       Rubén Cantón Vitoria
    • 10:20h
    • New insights on doping effect of (single-, double-wall-) carbon nanotubes by iodine
       Monthioux M

    • SESSION V. Chairs: C. Bittencourt and A. Dalton
    • 11:20h
    • Let's go: a travel through the world of graphene oxide
       Wolfgang K. Maser
    • 11:55h
    • Tuning aggregation and charge transfer of p3ht nanoparticles by go
       Emin Istif
    • 12:15h
    • Graphene Oxide based heterostructures: A Raman Characterization
       D. López-Díaz
    • 12:35h
    • Photoactivity of zinc oxide nanoparticles and their hybrids with graphene oxide
       S. Víctor-Román
    • 12:55h
    • Controlled Assembly of Graphene Networks Using Polymer Latex Crystal Templates
       Manuela Meloni
    • 13:15h
    • Photopotential and photocurrent improvement of TiO2 in alkaline media by an electrochemically reduced graphene oxide layer.
       Javier Hernández-Ferrer

    • SESSION VI. Chairs: E. Obraztsova and N. Casañ-Pastor
    • 18:30h
    • Correlating the structure of 2d materials with their catalytic activity
       Maya Bar Sadan
    • 19:05h
    • SG MoS2 hybrid for enhanced electrocatalytic activity
       Antonia Kagkoura
    • 19:25h
    • Functional mats of electrospun MoS2 composite fibres
       Aline Amorim Graf
    • 19:45h
    • Non-conjugated polymer dots: shining light on structure and fluorescence
       Lorenzo Vallan
    • 20:05h
    • Experimental and DFT studies on the functionalisation of 2D nanomaterials with pyrene derivatives
       Y. Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza

      Thursday, December 14
      • SESSION VII. Chairs: L. Henrard
      • 08:45h
      • Electodynamics of 2D Heterostructures
         Luc Henrard
      • 09:20h
      • Optoelectronic properties in atomically thin MoxW(1- x)S2 flakes via low-loss eels
         Mario Pelaez-Fernandez
      • 09:40h
      • Coaxial plasmonic nanowires for remote sensing
         D. Funes-Hernando
      • 10:00h
      • Breathe, shear, repeat... lattice vibration signatures of 2D materials
         Vincent Meunier

      • SESSION VIII. Chairs: M. Monthioux and M. Bar Sadan
      • 10:45h
      • Plasma Fluorination of Carbon Nanomaterials
         Carla Bittencourt
      • 11:20h
      • Graphene aerogel with unidirectional pores of tailored size and its application as hydrophobic absorbent and as support for catalytically active nanodiamonds
         Enrique García-Bordejé
      • 11:40h
      • Synthesis of nanodiamonds by hydrodynamic cavitation
         Ponomareva E.A.
      • 12:00h
      • Molybdenum carbide - graphite-matrix composites with high thermo-mechanical performance
         J. Guardia-Valenzuela
      • 12:20h
      • Synthesis and characterization of a new conducting nanostructured carbon-based trihybrid as a neural bioelectrode material
         N. Casañ-Pastor
      • 12:40h
      • Fluorescently Labelled Carbon Nano-Onions For Cellular Imaging and Diagnostic Applications
         Stefania Lettieri

      • SESSION IX. Chairs: S. Reich and W. Maser
      • 18:30h
      • Applications of single-wall carbon nanotubes separated over conductivity type
         E.D. Obraztsova
      • 19:05h
      • Electrochemical treatment of metallic- and semiconducting- enriched single-walled carbon nanotubes films
         A. Santidrián
      • 19:25h
      • Role of Hydrogen in High-yield Growth of Boron Nitride NT (BNNT) and Synthesis of BNNT-metal/ceramic Hybrids
         Keun Su Kim
      • 19:45h
      • Raman and Photolumniscence investigation of Individual Freestanding Doble-Walled Carbon Nanotube
         D.I. Levshov

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