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2017, Jul 10 -- Jul 14

Juan León (IFF-CSIC)
Juan José García Ripoll (IFF-CSIC)

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Monday, July 10
  • 08:30h
  • Registration
  • 09:00h
  • Tutorial
     A. Bermúdez
  • 11:30h
  • Tutorial
     M. Müller
  • 15:30h
  • Tutorial
     P. Schindler
  • 17:45:19:30h
  • Tutorial
     M. Peev

    Tuesday, July 11
    • 09:00h
    • Tutorial
       J. Rarity
    • 11:30h
    • Tutorial
       R. Renner
    • 15:30h
    • Tutorial
       P. Treutlein

      Wednesday, July 12
      • 08:30h
      • Registration
      • 09:00h
      • Quantum communication
         H. Zbinden
      • 09:40h
      • Enabling daylight free-space quantum communication through beam stabilization techniques
         V. Fernández
      • 10:35h
      • Photonics and enabling tech.
         M. Atature
      • 11:15h
      • Detection of Zak phases and topological invariants in a chiral quantum walk of twisted photons
         A. Dauphin
      • 11:40h
      • Emergent Causality and the N-photon Scattering Matrix in Waveguide QED
         D. Zueco
      • 12:05h
      • Exploring topological physics with three-dimensional photonic crystals
         J. Bravo-Abad
      • 12:25h
      • Plenoptic imaging at the diffraction limit
         M. D'Angelo
      • 15:30h
      • Quantum Metrology
         P. Treutlein
      • 16:10h
      • A laser-cooled 40 Ca + ion as high-sensitive sensor for mass and laser spectroscopy
         M. J. Gutiérrez
      • 16:35h
      • Entanglement-enhanced radio-frequency field detection and waveform sensing
         F. Martin Ciurana
      • 17:45h
      • Quantum state tracking and arbitrary phase estimation with planar quantum squeezed states
         R. Sewell
      • 18:10h
      • Dynamical Casimir Effect as a resource for boson sampling architectures
         C. Sabín
      • 18:35h
      • RICE Network meeting and discussion

        Thursday, July 13
        • 09:00h
        • Quantum Information
           R. Renner
        • 09:40h
        • Multipartite entanglement transformations with local operations and finite rounds of classical communication
           J. de Vicente
        • 10:05h
        • High violations of Bell-inequalities and the issue of signaling
           M. Kleinmann
        • 10:30h
        • Interferometric visibility and coherence
           M. García Díaz
        • 11:30h
        • Quantum Computing
           P. Schindler
        • 12:10h
        • Nonlinear Quantum Rabi Model with Trapped Ions
           I. Arrazola
        • 12:35h
        • Coupling small spin ensembles to superconducting on-chip resonators
           F. Luis
        • 13:00h
        • Decoherence in molecular solid-state systems
           A. Gaita-Ariño
        • 15:30h
        • Acoustic Traps and Lattices for Electrons in Semiconductors
           G. Giedke
        • 15:55h
        • Manipulability, coherence and entanglement of acceptor qubits in Si and Ge
           J. C. Abadillo-Uriel
        • 16:20h
        • A bilayer Double Semion Model with Symmetry-Enriched Topological Order
           L. Ortiz
        • 16:45h
        • Measures of Correlation for Quantum Dynamics
           A. Rivas
        • 17:10h
        • Sublattice localization and quantum-state transfer of doublons in 2D lattices
           M. Bello Gamboa
        • 17:35h
        • Signatures of a 4pi-periodic supercurrent in the voltage response of a capacitively shunted topological Josephson junction
           J. Picó-Cortés
        • 18:00h
        • Purifications and positive approximation of operators using the sum of squares polynomial method
           A. Cadarso
        • 18:00:20:00h
        • Poster Session
        • Generalized Dicke models with trapped ions
           I. Aedo
            Novel method to detect spin liquids: Random Boundary Conditions
            Consequences of collective dissipation in optomechanical systems
           A. Cabot
            Topological properties of generalized SSH models
           B. Pérez
            Control of spontaneous patterns in coherently driven polariton microcavities
           G. Díaz
            Control system for shortcut-to-adiabaticity experiments
           J. J. del Pozo
            Are there operational differences between real and complex quantum theory?
           N. Muñoz
            Heisenberg scaling in a network of semi-classical oscillators
           S. Fernandez
            Non-adiabatic state transfer in a triple quantum dot
           Y. Ban

          Friday, July 14
          • 09:00h
          • Quantum Simulation
             D. Porras
          • 09:40h
          • Quantum Droplets in a Bose-Bose mixture
             C. Cabrera
          • 10:05h
          • Quantum Machine Learning with Quantum Technologies
             L. Lamata
          • 10:30h
          • Quantum Networks in Divergence-free Circuit QED
             A. Parra Rodriguez
          • 11:30h
          • Quantum Complex Cystems
             A. Olaya-Castro
          • 12:10h
          • Vibronic effects in light-harvesting systems: From photosynthesis to charge separation in organic solar cells
             A. D. Somoza Márquez
          • 12:35h
          • Symmetries and energy transport in open quantum systems
             D. Manzano
          • 13:00h
          • Quantum synchronization and decoherence
             R. Zambrini

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