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VII Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics

2017, Aug 20 -- Sep 01

G. Buttazzo (U. Pisa)
O. Glass (U. Paris-Dauphine)
G.Leugering (U. Erlangen-Nürnberg)
E. Zuazua (DeustoTech - UAM - LJLL (Paris))

Monday, August 21
  • 09:30h
  • Regularity for the minimum time function with Hörmander vector fields
     CANNARSA Piermarco (University of Rome
  • 10:15h
  • The reachable space of heat equation and spaces of analytic functions in a square
     TUCSNAK Marius (University of Bordeaux, France)
  • 11:30h
  • Thematic session on "Spectral analysis of differential equations with periodic rapidly oscillating coefficients and its applications to metamaterials"
     coordinated by Kirill Cherednichenko (Bath, UK)
      - Frequency-dependent effective properties of periodic media via operator-norm asymptotics, Part I
     Kirill Cherednichenko (Bath, UK)
      - Frequency-dependent effective properties of periodic media via operator-norm asymptotics, Part II
     Yulia Ershova (Bath, UK)
      - Frequency-dependent effective properties of periodic media via operator-norm asymptotics, Part III
     Alexander Kiselev (Dragomanov, Ukraine)
  • 16:30h
  • Thematic session on "Shape optimization"
     coordinated by Giuseppe Buttazzo (Pisa, Italy) and Bozhidar Velichkov (Grenoble, France)
      - Variational approach to the regularity of optimal sets
     Bozhidar Velichkov (Grenoble, France)
      - On two shape functionals involving the maximum of the torsion function
     Ilaria Lucardesi (Nancy, France)
      - Optimization problems involving L infty-functionals: relaxation and convexity issues
     Maria Stella Gelli (Pisa, Italy)
      - Some estimates for the higher eigenvalues of sets close to the ball
     Dario Mazzoleni (Pavia, Italy)

    Tuesday, August 22
    • 09:30h
    • An inverse problem in the biology of olfactory cilia
       CONCA Carlos (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
    • 10:15h
    • Analysis motivated by vehicular traffic and crowd dynamics
       COLOMBO Rinaldo (University of Brescia, Italy)
    • 11:30h
    • Thematic session on "controllability of parabolic equations : new results and open problems"
       coordinated by Pierre Lissy (Paris Dauphine, France) and Morgan Morancey (Marseille, France)
        - A quantitative Fattorini-Hautus test: the minimal null control time problem in the parabolic setting
       Morgan Morancey (Marseille, France)
        - Minimal controllability time for the heat equation under unilateral state constraint
       Jérôme Lohéac (Ecole Centrale de Nantes & CNRS, France)
        - Controllability of a nonlinear reaction-diffusion system
       Kévin Le Balch (ENS Rennes, France)
        - Controllability of non-diagonalizable systems of heat equations
       Pierre Lissy (Paris Dauphine, France)
    • 16:30h
    • Thematic session on "Control and inverse problems for degenerate parabolic equations"
       coordinated by Piermarco Cannarsa (Rome, Italy) and Giuseppe Floridia (Naples, Italy)
        - On some controllability results for degenerate parabolic equations by the flatness method
       Ivan Moyano (Paris, France)
        - Quantum confinement and spectral analysis of degenerate operators on Riemannian manifolds
       Dario Prandi (Centrale Supelec, France)
        - Controllability properties of Grushin operators in dimension two
       Roberto Guglielmi (Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy)
        - Kolmogorov-type operators on Lie groups: an introduction and main results
       Alessia Kogoj (Urbino, Italy)

      Wednesday, August 23
      • 09:30h
      • Averaged and greedy control for parameter-dependent PDE
         ZUAZUA Enrique (DeustoTech - UAM - UPMC)
      • 10:15h
      • Shape optimization under uncertainty
         BUTTAZZO Giuseppe (University of Pisa, Italy)
      • 11:30h
      • Thematic session on "Controllability for entropy solutions to conservations laws"
         coordinated by Olivier Glass (Paris, France) and Vincent Perrollaz (Tours, France)
          - How do we choose the right shocks?
         Rinaldo Colombo (Brescia, Italy)
          - Asymptotic stabilization of a 2x2 hyperbolic system in BV space
         Sylvain Ervedoza (Toulouse, France)
          - A (short) Tour on techniques for exact controllability for conservation laws
         Vicent Pelloraz (Tours, France)
          - Open problems on the inverse design of conservation laws
         Enrique Zuazua (DeustoTech - UAM - UPMC)
      • 16:30h
      • Thematic session on "Applied shape optimization"
         coordinated by Marc Dambrine (Pau, France) and Morgan Pierre (Poitiers, France)
          - Inverse obstacle problem with partial Cauchy data: a shape optimization approach
         Jérémy Dardé (Univ. Toulouse 3, France)
          - Regularity of optimal ship forms based on Michell's wave resistance
         Morgan Pierre (Univ Poitiers, France)
          - A discrete shape optimization problem coming from yacht design
         Sergio López-Ureña (Univ. Valencia, Spain)
          - Numerical methods shape optimization problems under uncertainties
         Marc Dambrine (Univ. Pau, France)

        Thursday, August 24
        • 09:30h
        • Calibrating fields for a class of non convex variational problems
           BOUCHITTE Guy (University of Toulon, France)
        • 10:15h
        • PDE control, optimization and design of engineered systems: progress and future directions
           BURNS John (Virginia Tech, USA)
        • 11:30h
        • Thematic session on "Geometric evolution"
           coordinated by Annalisa Cesaroni (Padova, Italy) and Matteo Novaga (Pisa, Italy)
            - Anisotropic and crystalline mean curvature flows
           Matteo Novaga (Pisa, Italy)
            - Level set equation and discrete schemes for MCF
           Berardo Ruffini (Montpellier, France)
            - Mean Curvature Flow in heterogeneous media
           Annalisa Cesaroni (Padova, Italy)
            - Evolution of networks
           Alessandra Pluda (Regensburg, Germany)
           ********** Side discussion in the second lecture room **********
            Subject: "On some aspects of null controllability (or lack thereof) of Grushin operators"
           coordinated by Roberto Guglielmi (Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy) and Dario Prandi (Centrale Supelec, France)
            - Non null-controllability of the Grushin equation in 2D
           Armand Koenig
            - Estimates of the minimal time for the controllability of the Grushin operator
           Morgan Morancey
            - Observability cost and minimal time for the controllability of the Grushin operator
           Sylvain Ervedoza
            - Study of the minimal time of null-controllability of Grushin equation controlled in a vertical strip
           Damien Allonsius
        • 16:30h
        • Thematic session on "Robust control and applications"
           coordinated by Enrique Zuazua (DeustoTech - UAM - UPMC)
            - Robust terminal tracking problem for one-dimensional heat equation
           Vladimir Turetsky (Ort Braude College of Engineering, Karmiel, Israel)
            - Mean field games with state constraint
           Rossana Capuani (University of Rome
            - Attainable sets of conservation laws for networks
           Maria Teresa Chiri (Padova, Italy)
            - Infinite horizon optimal control problems with state constraints
           Vincenzo Basco (U. degli studi di Roma)

          Friday, August 25
          • 09:30h
          • Reconstruction of coefficient in the wave equation : a weighted energy inversion procedure
             Lucie Baudouin (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France)
          • 10:15h
          • The cost of controlling strongly degenerate parabolic equations
             MARTINEZ Patrick (Toulouse III, France)
          • 11:30h
          • Thematic session on "Non-local balance laws"
             coordinated by Rinaldo Colombo (Brescia, Italy) and Günter Leugering (Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
              - Modeling and control of renewable resources
             Rinaldo Colombo (Brescia, Italy)
              - Nanoparticle synthesis based on ripening processes: modeling and optimal control
             Michele Spinola (Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
              - Scalar nonlocal balance laws - Results on Existence, Uniqueness and Regularity
             Alexander Keimer (Berkeley, USA)
              - A mean-field game model for pedestrian flow with minimal time
             Guilherme Mazanti (Paris-Sud, France)
          • 16:30h
          • Thematic session on "Bilinear and fractional control of partial differential equations"
             coordinated by Piermarco Cannarsa (Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy) and Morgan Morancey (Marseille, France)
              - Rapid Stabilization of a Schrödinger equation
             Ludovick Gagnon (Nice, France)
              - Control of Partial differential equations involving the fractional Laplacian
             Umberto Biccari (University of Deusto, Spain)
              - Bilinear control of beams
             Cristina Urbani (GSSI, Italy)
              - Multiplicative controllability of semilinear degenerate reaction-diffusion equations
             Giuseppe Floridia (University of Naples, Italy)

            Monday, August 28
            • 09:30h
            • A semi-linear Dirichet problem with a singular term at u=0
               CASADO DIAZ Juan (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
            • 10:15h
            • Variational models of charged droplets
               NOVAGA Matteo (University of Pisa, Italy)
            • 11:30h
            • Thematic Session on "Feedback Control Design for PDEs"
               coordinated by Vincent Perrollaz (Tours, France) and Jan Heiland (Magdeburg, Germany)
                - Feedback Control, Moving Interfaces, and Non-Autonomous Riccati Equations
               Björn Baran (Magdeburg, Germany)
                - Boundary feedback stabilization for quasilinear wave equations
               Günter Leugering (Erlangen/Nürnberg, Germany)
                - Feedback stabilization of a Fluid Structure Model
               Dabayan Maity (Bourdeaux, France)
                - Finite time stabilization of a 2x2 hyperbolic system and robustness analysis with respect to a source term
               Vincent Perrollaz (Tours, France)
            • 16:30h
            • Thematic session on "Homogenization and application in optimal design"
               coordinated by Petar Kunstek (Zagreb, Croatia)
                - Homogenization of Kirchhoff plate equation
               Jelena Jankov (Osijek, Croatia)
                - Variant of optimality criteria method for multiple state optimal design problems
               Ivana Crnjac (Osijek, Croatia)
                - Shape gradient method for optimal design on annulus
               Petar Kunstek (Zagreb, Croatia)
                - Application of boundary triples theory in asymptotic spectral analysis
               Julija Ershova (Bath, UK)

              Tuesday, August 29
              • 09:30h
              • A finite element approximation of the one-dimensional fractional Poisson equation with applications to numerical control
                 BICCARI Umberto (DeustoTech, Spain)
              • 10:15h
              • Controllability of the heat equation in one dimension via backstepping approach
                 Hoai-Minh Nguyen (EPFL, Switerland)
              • 11:30h
              • Thematic session on "Modeling, simulation and control for PDEs on networks"
                 coordinated by Günter Leugering (U Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
                  - Optimal transport problems for gas-networks
                 Günter Leugering (U Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
                  - Extension of wavelets to networks
                 Mani Mehra (IIT Delhi, India)
                  - Adaptive graph-wavelets for PDEs on networks
                 Ankita Shukla (IIT Delhi, India)
                  - Adaptivity using entropy inequality
                 Vivek Kumar Aggerwal (Dehli Tech, India)
              • 16:30h
              • Thematic session on "Control approximation"
                 coordinated by Carlos Castro (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain) and Sorin Micu (University of Craiova, Romania)
                  - Introduction to greedy control
                 Enrique Zuazua (DeustoTech - UAM - UPMC)
                  - Greedy optimal control for elliptic equations and turnpike problems
                 Víctor Hernández-Santamaria (University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain)
                  - Applications of Russell's Principle to Infinite Dimensional Vibrating Systems
                 Marius Tucsnak (Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux, France)
                  - The approximation of boundary controls for the one dimensional wave equation
                 Ionel Roventa (University of Craiova, Romania)
                  - Approximation of the controls for the wave equation with a potential
                 Laurentiu Temereanca (University of Craiova, Romania)
                  - Observability of the semi discrete wave equation with variable coefficients and mixed finite elements
                 Carlos Castro (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
              • 19:00h
              • “CONTRÁTAME, SOY MATEMÁTICO” - Charla divulgativa
                 Enrique Zuazua (DeustoTech - UAM - UPMC)

                Wednesday, August 30
                • 09:30h
                • Thematic session : Young Researchers, I
                   coordinated by Chuang Zheng
                    Constrained controllability of the semilinear heat equation
                   Dario Pighin (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
                    Dispersive properties for the linear Schrodinger equation on star-graphs. Application to NLS.
                   Andreea Grecu (University of Bucharest and IMAR)
                    Non-local variational problems: applications to nonlinear elasticity
                   Javier Cueto (University of Castilla La Mancha)
                • 11:30h
                • Thematic session : Young Researchers, II
                   Coordinated by Dario Prandi
                    Sensitivity Analysis and Uniform Regularity for the Boltzmann Equation with Uncertainty and Multiple Scales
                   Yuhua Zhu (Madison)
                    Turnpike property and application to a new shooting method for orbital transfer
                   Gontran Lance (ENSTA ParisTech)
                    Primal-dual algorithm in semi-implicit scheme and applications to nonconvex variational problems
                   Tran Duc Minh Phan (Toulon, France)
                • 16:30h
                • Thematic session on "Control and optimization of PDEs, and related issues"
                    Schrodinger equation: from harmonic analysis to IBVP
                   Chuang Zheng (Beijing Normal University)
                    Optimal actuator location and some related problems
                   Donghui Yang (Central South University)
                    External boundary control of the motion of a rigid body immersed in a perfect two-dimensional fluid
                   Jozef Kolumban (Paris-Dauphine)
                • 19:30h
                • Painting exhibition by Barbara Lucas-Leugering
                   See pictures

                  Thursday, August 31
                  • 09:30h
                  • Thematic session on "Homogenization and related problems"
                      Homogenization and corrector for the wave equation
                     Faustino Maestre (Sevilla, Spain)
                      Gamma-convergence of non-uniformly bounded energies defined on vector-valued functions
                     Manuel Luna-Laynez (Sevilla, Spain)
                  • 11:00h
                  • Thematic session on "Industrial applications"
                     coordinated by Günter Leugering
                      - Optimal control and applications in aerospace  
                     Jiamin Zhu (UPMC, Paris)
                      - Applied mathematics in industrial cooling systems
                     Rodigro Lecaros Lira (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile)
                      - Industrial applications: From hot steel rolling to the design of piping systems
                     Günter Leugering (U Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
                  • 12:30h
                  • Open discussion

                    Friday, September 01

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