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2018, Mar 11 -- Mar 16

L. Martín Moreno (ICMA, CSIC - U. Zaragoza), N. Van Hulst (ICFO, Barcelona)

Sunday, March 11
  • 15:00h
  • Departure bus Barcelona - Benasque (from university)
  • 15:30h
  • Departure bus Barcelona - Benasque (from airport)

    Monday, March 12
    • 14:45:15:00h
    • Welcome
    • 15:00:15:30h
    • (Nearly) Perfect reflection of a single photon by a single molecule
       V. Sandoghdar
    • 15:30:16:00h
    • Symmetry protecting the entanglement of photons transmitted through nanoapertures
       G. Molina-Terriza
    • 16:00:16:20h
    • Single organic molecule coupling to a hybrid plasmonic waveguide
       S. Grandi
    • 16:20º:16:40h
    • Single molecule lifetime mapping with super-resolved wide-field techniques
       G. Blanquer
    • 16:40:17:10h
    • Nanoscale topology of light -faithfulness, tragedy and usefulness-
       K. Kuipers
    • 17:30:18:00h
    • Optical momentum and angular momentum in complex media
       K. Bliokh
    • 18:00:18:30h
    • The interplay between chirality of fields and chirality of matter: A unified theory of dichroism and helicity enhancement.
       M. Nieto-Vesperinas
    • 18:30:18:50h
    • Janus and Huygen's dipoles: near field directionality beyond spin-momentum locking
       M. F. Picardi
    • 18:50:19:20h
    • 3D-Fluorescence-Holography
       M. Liebel
    • 19:20:19:50h
    • Bio-inspired Photonics: from nature to applications
       S. Vignolini
    • 19:50:20:10h
    • Planar plasmonic antenna arrays resolve transient nanoscopic heterogeneities in biological membranes
       P. M. Winkler

      Tuesday, March 13
      • 15:00:15:30h
      • Plasmonic circuitry containing single-photon sources
         S. Bozhevolnyi
      • 15:30:16:00h
      • Nanophotonics with 2d material heterostructures
         F. Koppens
      • 16:00:16:30h
      • Manipulating polaritons in 2D materials
         A. Yu. Nikitin
      • 16:30:17:00h
      • Quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride
         I. Aharonovich
      • 17:20:17:50h
      • Hyperbolic phonon polaritons in boron nitride nanostructures - from molecular vibrational sensing to metasurface applications
         R. Hillenbrand
      • 17:50:18:20h
      • Free and localized excitons in transition metal dichalogenides
         A. Srivastava
      • 18:20:18:50h
      • Investigating the propagation of excitons through inorganic nanocrystal assemblies and 2-D semiconductors
         A. Weber-Bargioni
      • 18:50:19:10h
      • Suppression of superradiance by magnetic correlations
         D. Zueco
      • 19:10:19:40h
      • Metamaterials and magnetic light. Possibilities for forbidden photochemistry
         F. Meseguer
      • 19:40:20:00h
      • Exploring the magnetic and electric side of light through plasmonic cavities
         C. Ernandes

        Wednesday, March 14
        • 09:30:10:00h
        • On-a-chip biosensing with optical nanoresonators
           R. Quidant
        • 10:00:10:30h
        • Optical printing colloidal nanoparticles, an interplay between nanoscale optical and thermal fields
           F. Stefani
        • 10:20:10:50h
        • Self-assembled nanophotonic antennas for broadband fluorescence enhancement, sensing and the development of point of care diagnostic platforms
           G. Acuña
        • 11:10:11:30h
        • Measurement of nanoplasmonic field enhancement with ultrafast photoemission
           P. Dombi
        • 11:30:11:50h
        • Optical Wireless Link between an Optical Nano-antenna and a Transducing Rectenna
           A. Dasgupta
        • 11:50:12:10h
        • Nanoantennas for light-matter coupling in multiple parallel channels
           K. Słowik
        • 16:00:16:30h
        • Fundamentals and applications of atomic-scale optical excitations
           J. Garcia de Abajo
        • 16:30:16:50h
        • Generalized normal mode expansion (GENOME) of electromagnetic Green's tensor for lossy resonators in open systems
           Y. Sivan
        • 17:10:20:15h
        • Poster session

          Thursday, March 15
          • 15:00:15:30h
          • Strong-coupling in Organic and Hybrid Semiconductor Microcavities
             D. G. Lidzey
          • 15:30:16:00h
          • Nonlinear plasmonics
             M. Lippitz
          • 16:00:16:20h
          • Gain and lasing from CdSe/CdS nanoplatelet resonators
             M. Belitsch
          • 16:20:16:40h
          • Giant nonlinear response at a plasmonic nanofocus drives efficient four-wave mixing over micron length scales
             M. P. Nielsen
          • 16:40:17:00h
          • Nonlinear Dielectric Metasurfaces for Wavefront Control
             S. Kruk
          • 17:20:17:50h
          • Levitated Nanophotonics
             L. Novotny
          • 17:50:18:20h
          • Light induced 'Mock Gravity' at the nanoscale
             J. J. Saenz
          • 18:20:18:50h
          • Self-assembled photonic structures: Influence of shape, surface, porosity and material
             C. Lopez
          • 18:50:19:20h
          • Sensing the Nanoscale with Optoplasmonics
             F. Vollmer
          • 19:20:19:40h
          • Vibronic Spectroscopy with Submolecular Resolution from STM-Induced Electroluminescence
             B. Doppagne
          • 19:40:20:00h
          • Inelastic vibrational bulk and surface losses of swift electrons in ionic nanostructures
             A. Trügler

            Friday, March 16
            • 09:00:09:30h
            • Coherent control of silicon-vacancy colour centres in diamond?
               M. Atature
            • 09:30:10:00h
            • Plasmonics for lasing action at the nanoscale
               J. Bravo-Abad
            • 10:00:10:30h
            • Polariton quantum fluids in semiconductor lattices
               J. Bloch
            • 10:50:11:20h
            • Modified excited states dynamics in the localized plasmon-molecular exciton hybrids
               T. Shegai
            • 11:20:11:50h
            • Strong Coupling in a Plasmonic Cavity at the Single Quantum Emitter Limit
               G. Haran
            • 11:50:12:20h
            • Nanophotonic approaches for super-resolution imaging and single molecule dynamics in living cells.
               M. Garcia-Parajo

              Saturday, March 17
              • 09:00h
              • Departure bus from Benasque to Barcelona

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