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8th Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Prospects and Applications

2018, Aug 19 -- Aug 31

A. Castro (ARAID Foundation)
E. K. U. Gross (MPI for Microstructure theory, Halle)
N. Maitra (City U. of New York)
Miguel A. L. Marques (Halle Universitario, Germany)
A. Rubio (MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg)

We call for participants for the 8th edition of the School and Workshop on Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory (TDDFT).

The events will be held in the 'Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual' and it is intended to stimulate the exchange of ideas between scientists with different views of the field.

The Center provides many facilities and an agreeable atmosphere to allow the participants to carry their work during the meeting.

Benasque is a beautiful mountain village located 1140 m above sea level, in a valley at the heart of the Pyrenees, about 140 km north of the city of Zaragoza. The beautiful landscapes, scenic hikes and the proximity to the highest peaks in the Pyrenees make Benasque one of the main tourist sites in the region.

School dates

August 20th - August 27th

The participants of the school are expected to arrive on August 19th. A bus will be organized to facilitate the transport from the airport of Barcelona

Workshop dates

August 28th - August 31st

The participants of the workshop are expected to arrive on August 27th. A bus will facilitate the transport from the airport of Barcelona. The workshop will finish on the evening of the 30th, and another bus will facilitate the return trip to Barcelona airport the next morning.

Preliminary list of workshop invited speakers

Ilya Tokatly
Carsten Ullrich
David Strubbe
Ivano Tavernelli
Roi Baer
Joachim Burgdörfer
Christine Isborn
Andre Schleife
Nicolas Tacogne-Dejean
Valerie Veniard
Ryan Requist
Shunsuke Sato
Xavier Andrade
Pina Romaniello
Eric Suraud
Emmanuel Fromager
Johannes Lischner
Esa Räsänen

Preliminary list of workshop school teachers

Hardy Gross
Ilya Tokatly
Carsten Ullrich
Robert van Leeuwen
David Strubbe
Ivano Tavernelli
Micael Oliveira
Nicolas Tancoigne Dejean
Joaquim Jornet Somoza
Xavier Andrade
Ryan Requist

School Participants

As we have a very limited number of places for the school, students will be selected from among an open pool of applicants who have demonstrated a strong interest in computational sciences, applied to chemistry, physics, materials science and biology. Therefore, in order that we can make a reasonable selection, we ask that *all* candidates include in the comments section the following information:

      Date of birth, gender. Research experience (number of years)
      Motivation/Why they want to come (just a couple of lines is enough)
      What is their current and previous positions (if PhD or Post-doc state your supervisor)

We will *not* accept applications that do not include this information. Furthermore, we will give priority to students willing to participate in both the the School and the Workshop.


All interested in participating should fill out the application form at Registration.

In the comments section, please indicate if you wish to participate in the School or in the Workshop (or in both). If you wish to contribute to the Workshop with an oral contribution or a poster, please upload an abstract after you have completed the registration (see Call for contributions below).

Application deadline: The deadline for applications is the 11st of June.

Call for contributions:

We have a limited number of slots for contributed talks, and we will also hold a poster session. If you are interested in presenting a poster or oral contribution, please upload your abstract HERE.

You have to be registered before abstract submission

School and workshop supported by:

ZCAM           CECAM           CECAM_MM1


Registration fee information

The registration fee for this conference is:

Workshop + School or School only fee: 200 eur.
Workshop only fee: 150 eur.

Pay by bank transfer

The registration fee must be paid to the account of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual after your application has been accepted.

Ibercaja (account number): 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193
IBAN: ES44 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193

Remember that your registration is complete only after the payment is made.

* Please, pay after your application has been accepted.
* Please, send a confirmation by e-mail to info@benasque.org.
* Please pay all bank charges
* Include as a subject in the transfer '2018tddft Your_Surname'
* In the comments section include:
      Full name of the conference and your name.

Pay by credit card

Workshop + School or School only fee payment: Pay by credit card
Workshop only fee payment: Pay by credit card

* You have to be registered.
* Please, pay after your application has been accepted.

*Cancellation Policy*
A 30 euro charge will be applied for cancellations made up to 10 days before the conference start date.
A no refund policy will be applied to cancellations made after this date.

Further Information.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions:

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  • Gobierno de Aragón
  • Ministerio de educación y ciencia
  • DPH
  • Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Ayuntamiento de Benasque


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