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2019 AAN Symposium

2019, May 22 -- May 26

B. Barucchieri (University of Bordeaux)
D. Casazza (ICMAT-CSIC)
R. Gualdi (University of Bordeaux)
M. Serra (University of Konstanz)

The ALGANT Alumni Network (AAN) is the alumni association of the ALGANT master program, a worldwide recognised master in pure Mathematics, launched in 2005, in the fields of algebra, geometry and number theory. This symposium aims to gather together all former alumni, those still doing research in the fields related with the ALGANT subjects and those who have found fertile soil for a career outside academia. The goals of the event include the presentation of recent research activities of the participants, the strengthening of the network and the encouragement of both scientific and extra-academical exchanges among former students of the ALGANT master program.

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