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IFAE Theory Meeting: Particle Physics and Cosmology at the Frontier

2021, Jul 11 -- Jul 16

D. Blas (KCL, IFAE & UAB)
A. Pomarol (IFAE & UAB)
O. Pujolas (IFAE)

Members of the IFAE Theory Division organize an internal scientific meeting to discuss recent progress in high energy physics and cosmology, as well as to develop strategies to address the main challenges in this research field.

The main covered topics will include new physics at the early and late universe (baryon asymmetry, gravitational waves, primordial black holes, axions), new physics at the LHC and low-energy experiments, and development of new formal methods (AdS/CFT and amplitude methods).

This event will allow the several new and the existing members of the group to get to know each other and thus foster the beginning of new collaborations within the group.

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This session has received financial support from the following institutions:

  • Ministerio de ciencia, innovación y universidades
  • Gobierno de Aragón
  • logo CSIC
  • DPH
  • Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Ayuntamiento de Benasque


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