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Topology meets Quantum Optics

2021, Jun 02 -- Jun 04

A. Metelmann (Freie Universitat Berlin)
A. Amo (CNRS)
D. Porras (IFF-CISC)
A. González-Tudela (IFF-CISC)

This workshop will bring together scientists exploring the interplay between quantum optics and topological photonic systems, which includes complementary topics such as topological light-matter interfaces, directional amplifiers, topological protection of non-classical states of light, as well as topological effects in other related systems such as cold atoms and trapped ions.

The conference will be held online due to the current mobility restrictions. Attendance is free, however, you have to register on the workshop webpage. Deadline for registration is just the day before the workshop (31st May 2021).

We encourage attendees to submit posters/short talks, which will be presented during virtual poster sessions in parallel break-out rooms. Those of you interested in presenting a poster, please, submit the title and abstract (maximum 1 page long) through the web page.

List of invited speakers

- Paloma Arroyo Huidobro- Miguel Bello- Jacqueline Bloch
- Antoine Broaweys- Iacopo Carusotto- Francesco Ciccarello
- Keije Fang- Florent Lecocq- Nathan Goldman
- Alejandro González Tudela- Mohammed Hafezi- Eun Jong Kim
- Flore Kunst - Luis Martín Moreno- Laure Mercier
- Anja Metelmann - Beatriz Olmos- Vittorio Peano
- Diego Porras - Peter Rabl- Mikael Rechtsman
- Nicolas Roch - Jonathan Simon- Daria Smirnova
- Alexander Szameit- Ewold Verhagen- Lorenza Viola
- Ulrich Warring - Luke Wilson

Call for participations

Abstract submission is closed.

The deadline for abstract submission was May 31th (2021).
Abstracts acceptance will be notified on June 1st (2021).

Further Information.

This session has received financial support from the following institutions:

  • Ministerio de ciencia, innovación y universidades
  • Gobierno de Aragón
  • logo CSIC
  • DPH
  • Universidad de Zaragoza
  • Ayuntamiento de Benasque

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