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EuroPLEx Summer School 2022

2022, Jun 05 -- Jun 18

P. Butti (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
A. Conigli (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
M. García Pérez (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
A. González-Arroyo (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
G. Herdoíza (IFT, UAM-CSIC)

The purpose of the EuroPLEx Summer School 2022 is to bring young researchers into contact with leading experts in theoretical High-Energy Physics, Quantum Computing and advanced computational methods. The two-week training programme will include lectures on Resurgence, Transseries and other Quantum Field Theory topics, along with introductory courses on Holography and Quantum Computing. In addition, the school will also provide a set of lectures about the connections between Lattice Gauge Theory studies with High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing. Finally, a session will be devoted to science communication and soft skills.


- Anomalies, Edge States, and Topology (David Kaplan - University of Washington, Seattle)
- Applications of Machine Learning to Lattice Gauge Theories (Gurtej Kanwar - University of Bern)
- Holography (José Barbón - IFT UAM-CSIC, Madrid)
- Lattice Gauge Theories on GPUs (Mathias Wagner - NVIDIA)
- Quantum Computing (Esperanza López - IFT UAM-CSIC, Madrid)
- Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theories (Zohreh Davoudi - University of Maryland)
- The Resurgence of Non-Perturbative Phenomena in Perturbative Expansions:
   From Asymptotics to Transseries and Summation
(Ines Aniceto - University of Southampton)

Tutorial Sessions

- Quantum Simulation of Lattice Gauge Theories (Jesse Stryker - University of Maryland)
- The Resurgence of Non-Perturbative Phenomena in Perturbative Expansions:
   From Asymptotics to Transseries and Summation
(Ramon Miravitllas Mas - Université de Genčve)

Application and Registration

The school is intended for Ph.D. students and young postdocs with a background in Quantum Field Theory. The event will host a total of about 45 young participants, 15 of which will be the EuroPLEx fellows. Non-EuroPLEx participants will be selected based on academic criteria. Only applications for the entire duration of the School are eligible. The EuroPLEx network is strongly committed to equal opportunity and diversity.

The application should include:

   - An updated CV and a motivation letter (in a single pdf file)
   - One recommendation letter to be sent to info@benasque.org with '[Ref. EuroPLEX School] - your name' as e-mail subject.

The selected participants will then proceed to the registration. The registration fee, including bus transportation from/to Barcelona, is 250 euros.

Financial support will be available to participants with very limited financial resources. A brief statement should be included in the Other comments section of the registration form.

The booking of the accommodation can be arranged through the registration webpage.

Local Organising Committee

- Pietro Butti (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
- Alessandro Conigli (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
- Margarita García Pérez (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
- Antonio González-Arroyo (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
- Gregorio Herdoíza (IFT, UAM-CSIC)
- Carlos Pena (IFT, UAM-CSIC)

Advisory Committee

- Gunnar Bali (U. Regensburg)
- Nico Battelli (Trinity Coll., Dublin)
- Marisa Bonini (Parma U.)
- Leonardo Chimirri (Humboldt U.)
- Sara Collins (U. Regensburg)
- Francesco Di Renzo (Parma U.)
- Petros Dimopoulos (Parma U.)
- Markus Elsing (CERN)
- Dirk Hesse (Equinor)
- Alfio Lazzaro (HPE Switzerland)
- Biagio Lucini (Swansea U.)
- Christian Schmidt (Bielefeld U.)
- Rainer Sommer (Humboldt U.)


The European network for Particle physics, Lattice field theory and Extreme computing (EuroPLEx) is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 813942.

Registration fee information

The registration fee for this conference is 250 eur.

Pay by bank transfer

The registration fee must be paid to the account of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual after your application has been accepted.

Ibercaja (account number): 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193
IBAN: ES44 2085 2310 3803 3004 4193

Remember that your registration is complete only after the payment is made.

* Please, pay after your application has been accepted.
* Please, send a confirmation by e-mail to info@benasque.org.
* Please pay all bank charges
* Include as a subject in the transfer '2022europlex Your_Surname'
* In the comments section include:
      Full name of the conference and your name.

Pay by credit card

Credit card online payments here.

* You have to be registered.
* Please, pay after your application has been accepted.

*Cancellation Policy*
A 30 euro charge will be applied for cancellations made up to 10 days before the conference start date.
A no refund policy will be applied to cancellations made after this date.

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