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First LatticeNET workshop on challenges in Lattice field theory

2022, Sep 11 -- Sep 17

V. Azcoiti (Zaragoza U., CAPA)
I. Campos (IFCA, Santander)
E. Follana (Zaragoza U., CAPA)
E. Gamiz (Granada U.)
M. García Pérez (IFT, Madrid)
G. Herdoiza (IFT, Madrid)
P. Hernandez (Valencia U., IFIC)
A. Parreño (Barcelona U.)
C. Pena (IFT, Madrid)
A. Ramos (Valencia U., IFIC)
F. de Soto (Pablo de Olavide U., Sevilla)

Monday, September 12
  • 08:30-09:10
  • Registration
  • 09:10-09:15
  • Welcome
     Vicente Azcoiti
  • 09:30-10:30
  • B-meson mixing and decays, and consequences for Standard Model parameters
     Matthew Wingate
  • 11:00-12:00
  • A window into B anomalies: $B\to D*\ell\nu$ at nonzero recoil from LQCD
     Alejandro Vaquero
  • 16:30-17:30
  • B and K physics: the role of lattice QCD
     Enrico Lunghi

    Tuesday, September 13
    • 09:30-10:30
    • Semileptonic B(D)->K decays: form factors and phenomenology
       Chris Bouchard
    • 11:00-12:00
    • Heavy flavor physics with $\mathrm{O}(a)$ improved Wilson quarks
       Simon Kuberski
    • 16:30-17:30
    • Progress in the determination of Mellin moments of the pion light cone distribution amplitude using the HOPE method
       Robert Perry

      Wednesday, September 14
      • 16:00-17:00
      • Topological susceptibility in high temperature QCD: a new investigation with spectral projectors and a comparison with other approaches
         Guido Martinelli
      • 17:30-18:30
      • Reweighting methods for finite density QCD
         Matteo Giodano

        Thursday, September 15
        • 09:30-10:30
        • Dispersive calculation of the hadronic contributions to the muon g-2
           Gilberto Colangelo
        • 11:00-12:00
        • Recent advances for the muon anomalous magnetic moment from lattice QCD
           Tom Blum
        • 16:30-17:30
        • Hadronic Vacuum Polarization: An unblinded window on the g-2 mystery
           Steven Gottlieb

          Friday, September 16
          • 10:00-10:30
          • The hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon g-2 from O(a) improved Wilson quarks
             Simon Kuberski
          • 11:00-12:00
          • Removing excited-state contributions in nucleon matrix elements
             Rajan Gupta
          • 16:30-17:30
          • From lattice to spin glasses and beyond: a journey through the Science of Giorgio Parisi
             Juan J. Ruiz Lorenzo

          • * Free offices are available in the center so that participants can meet freely.

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