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IX Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics

2022, Aug 21 -- Sep 02

G. Buttazzo (U. Pisa)
O. Glass (U. Paris-Dauphine)
G.Leugering (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)
E. Zuazua (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Deusto Foundation - UAM)

Monday, August 22
  • 08:30-09:15
  • Registration
  • 09:15-09:30
  • Opening address
  • 09:30-10:30
  • Nonoverlapping domain decomposition of nonlinear p- type optimal control problems on metric graphs
     Günter Leugering (Erlangen)
  • 10:30-11:30
  • Upper and lower bounds for some shape functionals
     Giuseppe Buttazzo (Pisa)
  • 12:00-13:00
  • Control and Machine Learning
     Enrique Zuazua (Erlangen)

  • Thematic session on 'Open problems in control theory'
     coordinated by Pierre Lissy (Paris Dauphine)

  • 16:30-17:10
  • Controllability and resolvent estimates for linear well-posed systems
     Sylvain Ervedoza (Bordeaux)
  • 17:10-17:50
  • Hautus-Yamamoto criteria for the controllability of linear différence delay equations.
     Yacine Chitour (Paris Saclay)
  • 17:50-18:30
  • Event-based control of partial differential equations : recent results and open questions.
     Lucie Baudoin (Toulouse)

    Tuesday, August 23
    • 09:30-10:30
    • On the regularity of the optimal shapes for a class of integral functionals
       Bozhidar Velichkov (Pisa)
    • 10:30-11:30
    • High-frequency observability cost of first order hyperbolic systems in several space dimensions
       Franck Sueur (Bordeaux)
    • 12:00-13:00
    • Optimization and Game theoretical aspects in Mathematical Ecology
       Domènec Ruiz-Balet (Imperial College)
    • 16:30-18:30
    • Thematic session on "Mass optimization problems and homogenization"
       coordinated by Karol Bołbotowski (Warszawa) and Juan Casado Diaz (Sevilla)

    • Introduction to mass optimization problems
       Giuseppe Buttazzo (Pisa)
    • Optimal design problems involving the coefficients and the domain where the equation is posed
       Juan Casado-Diaz (Sevilla)
    • On optimality of surface structures
       Karol Bołbotowski (Warszawa)
    • Third-order eigenvalue problems.
       María Del Mar González (Madrid)
    • On optimal potential problems with changing sign.
       Faustino Maestre (Sevilla)
    • Sharp and quantitative estimates for the p-torsion of convex sets.
       Gloria Paoli (Erlangen)

      Wednesday, August 24
      • 09:30-09:35
      • Address on behalf of CA18232 MAT-DYN-NET
         Jan Giesselmann
      • 09:35-09:45
      • Aims and scope of CA18232 MAT-DYN-NET
         Ivica Nakic
      • 09:45-10:30
      • Optimal control of parabolic equations - a spectral calculus based approach
         Ivica Nakic
      • 10:50-11:20
      • Random batch methods for the efficient solution of optimal control problems on networks
         Daniel Veldman
      • 11:30-12:00
      • Damped wave equation with unbounded damping
         Petr Siegl
      • 12:10-12:40
      • Schur complement dominance with applications to damped wave equations
         Borbala Gerhat
      • 12:50-13:20
      • The orthotropic p-Laplacian problem of Steklov type
         Gloria Paoli
      • 15:00-15:05
      • CA18232 MAT-DYN-NET afternoon session
         Jan Giesselmann
      • 15:05-15:50
      • Euler equations on networks: Parabolic limit and asymptotic preserving numerics
         Jan Giesselmann
      • 16:00-16:30
      • Control of advection-diffusion equations on networks and singular limits
         Nicola De Nitti
      • 16:50-17:20
      • Nonlocal transport and convection-diffusion problems on Hyperbolic Space
         Dragos Manea
      • 17:30-18:00
      • Average Turnpike Property
         Martin Hernandez

      • 19:30-20:30
      • Dissemination talk (in spanish): 'Control, Cibernética e Inteligencia Artificial'
         E. Zuazua

        Thursday, August 25
        • 09:25-09:30
        • Special session on "Control, inverse problems and beyond"
           coordinated by Umberto Biccari (Fundación Deusto) and Sebastian Zamorano (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)
        • 09:30-10:15
        • Understanding Hashin-Shtrikman Microstructures via Block Waves
           Carlos Conca
        • 10:15-11:00
        • On the control of the Schrodinger equation with moving Dirac potentials
           Carlos Castro
        • 11:30-12:00
        • Controllability properties of a fractional diffusion equation
           Sorin Micu
        • 12:00-12:30
        • Some control aspects in deep learning
           Domènec Ruiz
        • 12:30-13:00
        • Initial data identification for Hamilton-Jacobi equations
           Carlos Esteve-Yague
        • 13:00-13:30
        • Existence, weak-strong uniqueness, and long-time behavior for fractional cross-diffusion systems in a bounded domain
           Nicola De Nitti
        • 16:00-17:00
        • Digital Twins, Inverse Problems and New Paradigms for Model Based Systems Engineering
           John Burns (Blacksburg)
        • 17:15-17:20
        • Special session on *Sedimentation*
           Coordinated by Franck Sueur (Bordeaux)
        • 17:20-17:45
        • Transport-Stokes equations as mean-field limit of inertialess suspensions
           Richard Höfer (Paris)
        • 17:45-18:10
        • Mean-field limits for sedimentation of particles with inertia
           Richard Schubert (Bonn)
        • 18:10-18:35
        • On the analysis of the transport-Stokes system
           Amina Mecherbet

          Friday, August 26
          • 09:25-09:30
          • Thematic session "Stabilization, regularity, and discretizations in wave phenomena and fluids"
             (coordinated by N. De Nitti and K. Zerulla)
          • 09:30-10:15
          • Stabilization and optimal control of gas pipeline flow
             Martin Gugat
          • 10:20-10:50
          • Time-integrtion of heterogeneous Maxwell equations
             Konstantin Zerulla
          • 11:20-11:50
          • L ' p stabilization of 1D wave equations with linear and nonlinear damping
             Meryem Kafnemer
          • 11:55-12:25
          • Asymptotic analysis of partially and locally dissipated hyperbolic systems
             Timothée Crin-Barat
          • 12:30-13:00
          • Liouville theorems for the 2D stationary MHD system
             Nicola De Nitti
          • 13:00-13:30
          • Borrowing from the future: Addressing double sampling in model-free control
             Yuhua Zhu

          • 16:30-18:30
          • Thematic session on 'Optimal control problems for gas networks' (ROOM A)
             coordinated by Günter Leugering

          • Probabilistic turnpike properties for optimal control problems.
             Martin Gugat
          • Probabilistic Constrained Optimization on Gas Networks
             Michael Schuster
          • Analysis of gas networks using mathematical models in the form of differential algebraic equations: Part I
             Maria Filipkovska
          • Observer based data assimiliation for transient models of gas transport
             Jan Giesselmann
          • Domain Decomposition Methods in Gradent Descent Procedures for Optimal Control Problems: Part I
             Lukas Wolff

          • 16:00-18:30
          • Parallel Session 'Young researchers' (ROOM C)
             coordinated by Claudia Moreno (Université Paris Dauphine-PSL)

          • Rapid stabilization of a degenerate parabolic equation.
             Claudia Moreno (Université Paris Dauphine-PSL)
              Nodal control on networks of vibrating strings via duality method and constructive method
             Yue Wang (Erlangen)
              Existence of controls insensitizing the rotational of the solution of Navier- Stokes system having a vanishing component
             Jefferson Prada (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)
              Reproducing sensory-induced geometric visual hallucinations.
             Cyprien TAMEKUE(Université Paris Saclay)
              Positivity of infinite dimensional linear systems.
             El Gantouh Yassine (UAM-Madrid)

            Saturday, August 27
            • Saturday Hike
               On Saturday, 27th 2022, a group of 9 participants, among them 4 di↵erent nationalities, started by car from Benasque at 7am to go for a one-day hiking tour which led us to the famous cascades (Aigualllut) and to a wonderful vast plane above from where we got still a bit higher in the direction of the Aneto. We settled down for a while, had a picnic together, took a lot of photos of some scenery around this beautiful trail and then returned to Benasque enriched by so many wonderful views we had profited of: here you may find or rediscover some of them in this album.

              See pictures

              Monday, August 29
              • 09:30-10:30
              • Conservative numerical schemes for generalized models in chromatography
                 Pep Mulet (Valencia)
              • 10:30-11:30
              • Optimal design versus maximal Monge-Kantorovich metrics
                 Guy Bouchitté (Toulon)
              • 12:00-13:00
              • Multilevel Control
                 Umberto Biccari (DEUSTO)
              • 16:30-18:30
              • Thematic Session on 'Machine learning and control'
                 Yue Wang and Tobias Wöhrer (Coordinators)
              • Deterministic Decoupling of Global Features and its Application to Data Analysis
                 Maria del Mar González (UAM)
              • Robust neural ODEs - a second order adjoint sensitivity approach
                 Tobias Wöhrer (FAU)
              • Statistical performance of the value iteration in dynamic programming of Tetris game
                 Dongnam Ko (Catholic University of Korea)
              • Physics-informed Neural Networks for quasi-static Maxwell's Equations
                 Philipp Brendel (Fraunhofer IISB)

                Tuesday, August 30
                • 09:30-13:30
                • Thematic session on: Variational Methods for Nonlinear and Nonlocal Problems
                   Coordinated by Maria del Mar González, Marco Fontelos and Nico de Nitti
                • Minimizing non local functionals on probabilities: existence issues
                   Guy Bouchittee (IMATH U-Toulon)
                    Energy asymptotics for the fractional Brezis-Nirenberg problem in low dimenison
                   Nicola De Nitti (FAU)
                • The sloshing problem in 2D: spectral properties and control
                   Marco Fontelos (ICMAT)
                • Eigenfunctions for Levy Fokker-Planck equations
                   Marai Del Mar González (UAM)
                • An eigenvalue problem for the Laplace operator in doubly connected domains
                   Gloria Paoli (FAU)
                • 16:00-18:30
                • Young researchers
                   Hugo Parada (Coordinator)
                • Constructive exact controls for semi-linear wave equations
                   Arthur Bottois (U Clermont Auvergne)
                • Global well posedness and stabilization with saturated controllers for the KdV equation in a star-shaped network
                   Hugo Parada (Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann)
                • Uniform Turnpike Property and Singular Limits
                   Martin Hernández (FAU)
                    Nodal profile control for 1-d wave equation
                   Yeşim Saraç (FAU)
                    Integral input-to-state stability of unbounded bilinear control systems
                   René Hosfeld (U Wuppertal)

                  Wednesday, August 31
                  • 09:30-10:30
                  • Hautus-Yamamoto criteria for approximate and exact controllability for difference delay equations
                     Sébastien Fueyo (INRIA)
                  • 10:30-11:30
                  • 1D Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems: Modeling, Control Theory and Applications
                     Yue Wang (FAU)
                  • 12:00-12:45
                  • Stabilization and asymptotic behavior of the system related to water waves problem
                     Pei Su (Charles University, Prague)
                  • 12:45-13:15
                  • Analysis of gas networks using mathematical models in the form of differential algebraic equations: Part II
                     Maria Filipkovska (FAU)
                  • 13:15-13:45
                  • Everything I know about maximal distance minimizers
                     Yana Teplitskaya (Leiden University, Netherlands)
                  • 16:30-18:30
                  • Thematic session on: control of parabolic equations
                     Jon Asier Barcena and Kevin Le Balc'h (coordinators)
                  • Exact controllability to the trajectories of the one-phase Stefan problem
                     Jon Asier Barcena Petisco (U Basque Country)
                  • Reachability results for the perturbed heat equation
                     Kevin Le Balc'h (INRIA)
                  • Null controllability of the parabolic spherical Grushin equation
                     Cyprien Tamekue (U Paris Saclay)
                  • Controllability from the exterior of fractional heat equation
                     Sebastian Zamorano (U Santiagueras de Chile)

                    Thursday, September 01
                    • 09:30-11:30
                    • Thematic session
                       (coordinated by Timothée Crin-Barat and Nicola De Nitti)
                    • Non-local non-linear convection-diffusion equations on quantum trees -- a convergence result
                       Dragos Manea
                    • Nonlocal transport equations in inviscid flows and aggregation models: singularity formation
                       Marco Antonio Fontelos (ICMAT)
                    • Relaxation limit for a Baer-Nunziato model to a Kapila model
                       Timothée Crin-Barat (Deusto)
                    • Weak regularity properties of the flow generated by a BV vector field
                       Nicola De Nitti (FAU)
                    • 12:15-13:15
                    • Thematic session on domain decomposition of optimal control problems
                       Günter Leugering (Cordinator)
                    • Domain decomposition methods in gradient descent procedures for optimal control problems: Part II
                       Lukas Wolff
                    • Space-time domain decomposition of optimal control problems for hyperbolic systems
                       Günter Leugering (FAU)
                    • Closing remarks
                    • 16:30-18:30
                    • Individual discussions

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