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I Evento científico de jóvenes investigadores químicos computacionales

2023, Oct 26 -- Oct 27

Dr. Juan V. Alegre Requena (ISQCH, CSIC - Universidad de Zaragoza)

The 'I Evento científico de jóvenes investigadores químicos computacionales' gathers emerging groups working in the fields of computational chemistry and machine learning. This scientific event includes multiple seminars that will serve as a catalyst to establish and strengthen scientific collaborations, also promoting the creation of consortia to obtain European and national funding. The meeting will include two days full of presentations on the research lines carried out by different groups. Additionally, the event will include sessions with roundtable discussions, networking, and SWOT analysis to outline the best research and funding strategies in the short, medium, and long term.

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The CCBPP has received financial support for the organization of scientific meetings from the following institutions:

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  • Ayuntamiento de Benasque


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