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Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics and Spectral Design

2010, Jul 18 -- Jul 30

L. M. Nieto (U. Valladolid)
J. Negro (U. Valladolid)
A. Andrianov (U. Barcelona)
A. Smilga (SUBATECH, Nantes)
V. Hussin (U. Montréal)

Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics (SUSY QM) is at the stage of thirty-years development after the seminal papers of E. Witten and others in the 80's. It has found many applications, for example in non-linear equations, inverse scattering methods, in the reconstruction of Hamiltonians with given spectral properties and symmetries (spectral design), and in non-perturbative dynamics on moduli spaces and of zero modes in SUSY QFT, to mention just a few examples.

The goal of this workshop will be to bring together different groups working in complementary directions in order to fertilize new SUSY approaches to spectral design and searching of hidden symmetries in QM, as well as to trigger applications of SUSY QM in new areas of theoretical physics.

The following topics, among others, will be hot to discuss and survey during this Workshop:

Developments in construction of (almost) isospectral quantum systems by SUSY algebra methods (spectral design).

Hidden dynamical symmetries, nonlinear SUSY and spectrum generating algebras.

Superintegrable SUSY QM.

Position-dependent mass and SUSY.

SUSY: decaying states and resonances.

Darboux transformations and SUSY techniques in non-linear equations.

Non-hermitian and PT symmetric SUSY QM and exceptional points.

SUSY coherent states and entanglement.

SUSY WKB and SUSY Classical Mechanics.

SUSY QM on moduli spaces of SUSY field theories.

Conformal and fractal SUSY QM.

SUSY in low-dimensional integrable systems.

Advisory committee

Carl Bender (Washington U.)
Thomas Curtright (U. Miami)
David Fernandez (CINVESTAV Mexico)
Veronique Hussin (CRM and U. Montreal)
Evgeny Ivanov (JINR, Dubna)
Igor Klebanov (Princeton U.)
Luca Mesincescu (U. Miami)
Mariano del Olmo (U. Valladolid)
Rajkumar Roychoudhury (Indian Stat. Inst., Kolkata)
Boris Samsonov (Tomsk U.)
Paul Townsend (Cambridge U.)
Arkady Vainshtein (Minnesota U.)
Miloslav Znojil (Nucl. Phys. Inst.,Rez)

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