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Quantum Matter

2014, Jun 15 -- Jun 27

Belén Paredes (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Madrid)
Guifré Vidal (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

What are the possible states of quantum matter? How can they be realized in a microscopic model or engineered in experiments? How can exotic emergent phenomena be experimentally detected and theoretically diagnosed? These questions lie at the heart of one of the big challenges of modern quantum physics: the comprehension of many-body quantum entanglement. This workshop is intended to discuss recent progress and challenges in our understanding of strongly entangled phases of quantum matter. Selected topics will include the classification of quantum phases, topological order and anyons, quantum Hall liquids, spin liquids, topological insulators and superconductors, and exotic gapless phases. The workshop will bring together leading scientists working in these fields to share their approaches and results.

Following the tradition of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual, the workshop aims at creating a highly interactive atmosphere in which to draw connections between research efforts, develop new ideas and explore novel directions. It will consist of a light schedule leaving ample time for discussions and exchange of ideas among the participants. Pedagogical lectures and discussions panels will be combined with talks discussing most recent advances in the field.

Advisory Committeee

- Dmitry Abanin (Perimeter Institute)
- Ehud Altman (Weizmann)
- Todadri Senthil (MIT)

Tentative List of Invited Speakers

Dmitry Abanin (Perimeter Institute)
Alexander Altland (Cologne)
Ehud Altman (Weizmann)
Erez Berg (Weizmann)
Immanuel Bloch (Munich)
Anushya Chandran (Perimeter Institute)
Lukasz Cincio (Perimeter Institute)
Ignacio Cirac (Munich)
Eugene Demler (Harvard)
Manuel Endres (Munich)
Paul Fendley (Virginia)
Matthew Fisher (UCSB)
Nathan Goldman (Brussels)
Duncan Haldane (Princeton)
Andreas Läuchli (Innsbruck)
Michael Levin (Maryland)
Michail Lukin (Harvard)
Joel Moore (Berkeley)
Didier Poilblanc (Toulouse)
Kareljan Schoutens (Amsterdam)
Norbert Schuch (Aachen)
Frank Verstraete (Viena)
Xiao-Gang Wen (Perimeter Institute)

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